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The 10 Fastest Growing Finance Industry Jobs

talent statisticsDespite taking a major hit during the recession, the financial industry currently shows signs of steady, healthy growth. In fact, industry growth is outpacing the national average, with 32 percent of employers expecting to add full-time staff in the fourth quarter, according to CareerBuilder’s latest forecast.

When it comes to which positions financial industry employers can expect to see the most competition recruiting for – and what they should expect to pay in salary – a new list from, a division of CareerBuilder, and Economic Modeling Specialists International (EMSI), provides some insight. Below is a list of hot jobs in Finance – based on occupations with the greatest job increase between 2010 and 2013 – and the going compensation rates.

1. Accountants and Auditors

  • 67,614 jobs added since 2010; 5% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $30.38

2. Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists

  • 55,735 jobs added since 2010; 15% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $29.10

3. Management Analysts

  • 41,028 jobs added since 2010; 6% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $35.80

4. Human Resources Specialists

  • 32,828 jobs added since 2010; 8% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $27.17

5. Business Operations Specialists, All Other

  • 25,617 jobs added since 2010; 3% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $31.37

6.  Loan Officers

  • 18,954 jobs added since 2010; 7% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $29.41

7. Training and Development Specialists

  • 18,104 jobs added since 2010; 8% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $27.14

8. Financial Analysts

  • 16,956 jobs added since 2010; 7% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: 37.34

9. Cost Estimators

  • 16,858 jobs added since 2010; 9% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $28.32

10. Logisticians

  • 12,830 jobs added since 2010; 11% growth
  • Median hourly earnings: $35.08

The study uses EMSI’s comprehensive labor market data, a compilation of more than 90 federal and state labor market sources that tracks traditional employees and self-employed workers.

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