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6 Must-Haves For Your Twitter Recruitment Strategy

Twitter RecruitingUnless you’ve been living like the North Pond hermit (and if you have, you probably have no idea what twerking is, so more power to you), you’re well aware of the hype surrounding social media recruitment. But if you think that’s all social media recruitment is – hype – you might want to reconsider: Not only is social media as a recruitment strategy here to stay, it’s also quite effective. According to Software Advice‘s 2013 Recruiting Channels Survey, social media is the number three source for delivering the highest volume of candidates, with job boards and employee referrals taking number first and second source spots respectively.

Erin Osterhaus, managing editor at Software Advice, addresses these findings in her article, How Does Twitter Use Twitter to Recruit?  While it may not come as a surprise that Twitter, itself a major social media site, is successfully using its own platform to recruit, the reason for Twitter’s success is more in how they used that platform. Twitter came together as a company to create a holistic recruiting strategy that effectively attracts and engages new candidates, and ultimately leads to quality hires.

I recently spoke with Osterhaus about how other companies can apply Twitter’s recruitment strategy to their own and, based on her suggestions and other industry best practices, compiled the following list:

6 Must-Haves for Your Twitter Recruitment Strategy:

  1. The will to do it. First and foremost, do not set up a Twitter account if you are not willing to invest the time or resources to maintain it. Simply setting up an account doesn’t guarantee you followers, and an inactive one could be even worse for your branding efforts. If you already have a dedicated social media manager on your team, this person can take over these efforts, but you may also want to consider designating a select few employees to be your brand ambassadors via Twitter.
  2. Responsiveness. If there’s anything candidates hate, it’s never hearing back from employers. Twitter responds directly to every applicant who Tweets at its jobs-focused handle, @JoinTheFlock. Not only does the gesture make the recruitment process more personal for candidates, seeing how candidates interact on social media provides a glimpse into their personality and interests – things that they can’t always glean from a traditional resume.
  3. Buy-in from your employees. Twitter employees are constantly Tweeting content about what makes working there so special. Encourage your employees to do the same (making sure to tag you with a designated hashtag and include your company’s Twitter handle).  Because the social network also enables employees to get to know candidates, Twitter can, in many ways, be an extension of your employee referral program.
  4. Links (other than job postings). Don’t simply Tweet out jobs. Keep candidates engaged with a variety of content – including links to interesting articles about cool company news, photos from company events or videos that highlight your culture - anything that shows candidates what makes working for your company great.
  5. Re-Tweeted content. Twitter makes a concerted effort to re-Tweet job posts from current employees’, interns’ and other company handles. They also enlist the help of hiring managers to Tweet out job listings to their followers for extra visibility.
  6. Promotion. Encourage potential candidates to follow you on Twitter by providing links to your Twitter page anywhere you might connect with candidates: on your website, in your email signature, through other social networking sites, on job postings and even on application confirmation emails. Even as you do this, however, keep in mind that your recruitment strategy is not about you – it’s about creating a positive experience for the candidate.

Tell us: How do you use Twitter to recruit?

Mary Lorenz

About Mary Lorenz

Mary is a copywriter for CareerBuilder, specializing in B2B marketing and corporate recruiting best practices and social media. In addition to creating copy for corporate advertising and marketing campaigns, she researches and writes about employee attraction, engagement and retention. Whenever possible, she makes references to pop culture. Sometimes, those references are even relevant. A New Orleans native, Mary now lives in Chicago, right down the street from the best sushi place in the city. It's awesome.

A great summary Mary. Something I'd add to point 4, is to also post content that's NOT about your organisation. For example, articles relating to trends in your industry, new roles or job titles in your sector, clever ad campaigns from non-competitive employers. Stuff that's fun and interesting to prospective hires, and keeps them coming back to your feed. 

Also, what about Tweet-Ups hosted by senior staff, to discuss pressing or interesting industry issues? 

A great way to build a talent pipeline. Thanks again for the great content. Cheers, Rick

cbforemployers moderator

@rickmare Thanks for your comment, Rick. These are great suggestions and brands who use Twitter for recruiting should certainly do these things as well. An alternate to the Tweet-up could also be a hosting a Twitter chat - or joining some of the more popular, already established job chats.


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