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Official Book Club Selection: The Talent Equation

TalentEquationAn open letter to Oprah Winfrey:

Dear Ms. Winfrey, please consider CareerBuilder CEO Matt Ferguson’s new bookThe Talent Equation, for your next official book club selection. Granted, it’s a bit of a departure from the likes of Eat, Pray, Love or A Million Little Pieces, but if you think about it, it’s essentially about how employers can “live their best life” using big data to change recruiting and workforce management for the better.

It’s also written by three people who are as into education and empowerment as you are: Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, Lorin Hitt, professor of operations and information management at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, and Prasanna Tambe, assistant professor of information, operations and management sciences at the New York University Stern School of Business.

Here’s the other thing: When you, Gayle and Dr. Phil are sitting around drinking Target wine, are you ever like, “What is UP with the skills gap in America?” and wondering why 45 percent of employers have open positions when more than 11 million Americans are looking for work? Well, this book totally addresses that issue:The Talent Equation explains how companies can attract skilled labor in a competitive talent market, such as using labor supply and demand data to inform smarter recruitment decisions; raising wages to improve applicant pool; and training and reskilling job candidates to address skills shortages.

It also introduces an original, landmark big data study of more than 2,700 employers and 33 million résumés in which the authors analyze relationships between a company’s market performance, education attainment, and employee tenure.

Oh, and did I mention that the launch of the Talent Equation coincides with a new report from CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI) on America’s job growth projections over a five-year period, which identify many of the key labor market realities laid out in the book?

I could go on, but Ferguson sums it up best when he says,

“This book is written for professionals who know more can be done to address this economic quandary. Whether they’re executives implementing HR strategies on a daily basis, hiring managers wondering where their next star employee will come from, or job seekers coping with a challenging market, we hope readers of The Talent Equation come away with a better sense of how data analytics and other tactics can positively change recruiting and workforce management.”

Right???? This book is the real deal. Trust. (No James Frey-like funny business here.)

You know what? Just go to already. You can get more info and download a sample chapter.

Mary Lorenz

About Mary Lorenz

Mary is a copywriter for CareerBuilder, specializing in B2B marketing and corporate recruiting best practices and social media. In addition to creating copy for corporate advertising and marketing campaigns, she researches and writes about employee attraction, engagement and retention. Whenever possible, she makes references to pop culture. Sometimes, those references are even relevant. A New Orleans native, Mary now lives in Chicago, right down the street from the best sushi place in the city. It's awesome.


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