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Hiring Veterans: 7 in 10 Feel Prepared to Enter Workforce

Hiring veteransIf you’ve ever found yourself asking the question: “Why should I hire a military veteran?” an even better question is “Why wouldn’t you?” Consider the fact that the majority (71 percent) of veterans said they felt prepared when they entered the civilian workforce following active duty. TWEET THIS

To take it a step further, 59 percent of veterans said they knew which industry or field in the civilian world was relevant to the type of service they performed on active duty.

Most employers seem to be in agreement, as 66 percent would be more likely to hire a veteran over another equally qualified candidate. This number is relatively unchanged from a year ago. TWEET THIS

Looking for a comprehensive resource to help you better recruit and retain veterans? Check out CareerBuilder’s “Mission Critical Recruitment” guide.

What Employers Are Looking For

A sense of humor, similar interests, and drive: These are a few things we may look for when determining compatibility with a potential mate. Similarly, employers look for specific qualities when hiring military veterans that they know this population will bring to the workforce:

  • Disciplined approach to work (63 percent).
  • Ability to work as a team (60 percent).
  • Respect and integrity (56 percent).
  • Ability to perform under pressure (51 percent).
  • Leadership skills (51 percent).
  • Problem-solving skills (47 percent).
  • Ability to adapt quickly (45 percent).
  • Attitude of perseverance (41 percent).
  • Communication skills (40 percent).
  • Strong technical skills (31 percent).

Challenges of Hiring Veterans

Which military skills are transferable to civilian work? Answering that question appears to be the most common challenge employers (43 percent) face when hiring military veterans.

It isn’t always clear that applicants are veterans because some don’t market themselves as such, say 28 percent of employers. Meanwhile, 16 percent of employers admit to being concerned about National Guard members leaving for active duty.

There are also a handful of employers (11 percent) who say veterans are oftentimes overqualified for positions to which they’re applying.

Expressing Commitment to Hiring Veterans

The vast majority of companies (8 in 10) looking to hire veterans are proud of this fact and promote it to the outside world. Some (42 percent) do it through job listings, while others (40 percent) promote it on their corporate career sites. Thirty-five percent include it in recruitment materials and more than 1 in 4 promote their pro-veteran hiring position via social media.

Has your company made a commitment to hire military veterans? We want to hear your success stories. Comment below or drop us a tweet or Facebook post to tell us more about YOUR initiative.

Deanna Hartley

About Deanna Hartley

Deanna Hartley is a senior copywriter and community manager on the creative services team at CareerBuilder, where she writes about issues that are top of mind for employers and recruiters – including talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention. An avid social media user, Deanna is the face behind @CBforEmployers on Twitter as well as CBforEmployers’ Facebook and Instagram pages, so it’s easy to stay connected with her. Prior to joining CareerBuilder, Deanna was a senior editor for the Human Capital Media Group, publishers of Talent Management, Chief Learning Officer, Diversity Executive and Workforce Management magazines. Deanna holds a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She loves caffeine, social media, pop culture and dogs – though not necessarily in that order.


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  2. […] to help ensure things run smoothly on a day-to-day basis. Military-trained personnel tend to be highly attentive and disciplined people who are used to working within a chain of command to maintain safe […]

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