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1 in 2 Employers Will Train New Hires to Close the Skills Gap

talent statisticsMore companies are taking it upon themselves to build the “perfect” employee instead of waiting for one. In the face of the skills gap challenge, nearly half (49 percent) of employers say they expect to hire and train individuals who don’t have experience in their industry to get them skilled up, according to CareerBuilder’s Q1 hiring forecast. That number is up quite a bit (39 percent) from last year.

In addition, more than 1 in 4 employers (26 percent) will send some of their existing employees back to school to get an advanced degree partially or wholly on their dime.

So, what does this mean for you? Instead of waiting around seemingly endlessly for the qualified candidates your company needs, consider hiring for potential and investing in training and development to get new hires or current workers up to speed. That way we can take a break from all our skills gap conversations and actually do something about it.

Tell us in the comments below: Is your company planning to invest in training new hires or current employees this year? Do you find it to be an effective way to close the skills gap?

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Deanna Hartley

About Deanna Hartley

Deanna Hartley is a senior copywriter and community manager on the creative services team at CareerBuilder, where she writes about issues that are top of mind for employers and recruiters – including talent acquisition, employee engagement and retention. An avid social media user, Deanna is the face behind @CBforEmployers on Twitter as well as CBforEmployers’ Facebook and Instagram pages, so it’s easy to stay connected with her. Prior to joining CareerBuilder, Deanna was a senior editor for the Human Capital Media Group, publishers of Talent Management, Chief Learning Officer, Diversity Executive and Workforce Management magazines. Deanna holds a master’s degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. She loves caffeine, social media, pop culture and dogs – though not necessarily in that order.


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