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New Findings Show the Best Areas to Recruit Mechanical Engineers

mechanical engineersMechanical engineers are in high demand across the nation – and are growing at an exhaustive rate. From May to November 2013, job postings for these positions grew 10 percent – from 8,563 compared to 9,397.  Unfortunately, the supply of candidates leaves employers with a challenge. Within the past six months, there have been only 29,598 active candidates to fill 62,674 job postings – which translates to less than one candidate for every open position.

Job Postings_LaToya

Top 10 Business Types that Employ Mechanical Engineers:

  1. Engineering services
  2. College, universities and professional schools
  3. Industrial machinery and equipment merchant wholesalers
  4. Aircraft manufacturing
  5. Computer systems design services
  6. Research and development in the physical, engineering and life sciences
  7. Plumbing, heating, and air conditioning contractors
  8. Automobile manufacturing
  9. Search, detection, navigation, guidance, aeronautical, and nautical system and instrument manufacturing
  10. Other aircraft parts and auxiliary equipment manufacturing

Where Are Candidates Located?

The chart below is a screen shot of results from the Hiring Indicator of CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal and displays the top 10 cities to recruit mechanical engineering candidates – in order from easiest to hardest to recruit. Orlando, Atlanta and Indianapolis are the top three cities where hiring these candidates will be easiest, with Hiring Indicator scores of 55, 52 and 50, respectively (scores are based on a 0-100 scale). The Hiring Indicator uses a complex  methodology of the supply and demand data to deliver an indication of  how easy or how difficult is to recruit and hire for the position searched.

Hiring Indicator_LaToya

Using This Information

You may find yourself asking how is this information applies to you. If you’re a recruiter or an employer who’s looking for mechanical engineering candidates, you can use this valuable information to determine where to look for active candidates in a specific area. For example, you will see that Houston, Tex. has the most active supply of candidates; however, it also has the highest demand, which may make you rethink your recruiting efforts in that region. You may need to think about how you position your message to these candidates, consider increasing your salary offering or even think about looking outside your typical region and offering relocation benefits.

LaToya Bruce

About LaToya Bruce

An analyst for CareerBuilder’s Workforce Analytics Team, LaToya Bruce specializes in researching and reporting on the labor market. She provides insight into trends regarding recruitment, talent supply and demand, and candidate demographics. She works closely with CareerBuilder's business development team and the sales force to answer pivotal business questions for clients.

Thanks for interesting analysis.  I would like to understand it a bit better.  I am interested in learning about the Supply and Demand Portal, using your posting re mechanical engineers as a case in point. May I contact you? 

cbforemployers moderator

@marybyoung  Thanks for your inquiry. We'd be happy to connect you to someone who can give you a demo of exactly how the Supply & Demand portal works. The fastest way to connect, in this situation, is to email

Our solutions team has been notified and is ready to share more information with you directly. 


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