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America’s Most Stressful Jobs: What Are They?

health care workers stressThe next time you want to complain about your job, take it outside the doctor’s office, because health care workers, they just…they can’t right now, okay? That’s because new research indicates these workers are the most in need of some Kenny G and a bath right now.

In a nationwide survey of 3,211 workers across multiple industries, CareerBuilder asked individuals to weigh in on their stress levels and workload. Health care industry employees had the highest rates of complaint, with 69 percent of health care industry workers saying they feel “stressed” in their current jobs, and 17 percent describing themselves as “highly stressed.”

On top of that, more than half of these workers say their workloads increased over the past year, and 25 percent plan to change jobs in 2014.

The findings come as no surprise to Jason Lovelace, president of CareerBuilder Healthcare, who says stress is often the nature of many health care jobs; however, the news isn’t good for any of us. In a statement for the press release, Lovelace said, “Stress is part of the environment in many health care settings, but high levels sustained over a long-period of time can be a major detriment to employee health and ultimately stand in their way of providing quality care to patients.”

The Cure for the Common Burnout

Lovelace advises health care leaders to ensure their employees have the resources and support they need to perform their best. He suggests considering adding staff members to take some of the load off current employees’ shoulders, working with employees to adjust their schedules and create a more manageable work environment, or re-assessing paid time off policies to enable employees to take the time they need to unwind and recharge.

Industries with the highest levels of Stress.

Health care workers are hardly alone in their struggles, according to the survey. Professional and business services professionals report similar levels of stress, followed by retail, financial services and information technology workers. The chart below shows the percentage of each industries’ workers who report they feel stress in their current jobs.

Industry % Stressed % Highly Stressed
Health Care 69% 17%
Professional & Business Services 64% 12%
Retail 63% 12%
Financial Services 61% 12%
Information Technology 60% 9%
Leisure & Hospitality 58% 15%
Manufacturing 55% 10%
All U.S. Workers (non-government) 60% 11%

Do these results surprise you? How are you working to ease employee stress?

Mary Lorenz

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