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Have You Thanked Your Employees Today? And Other Questions From This Week

This week, while you were busy wondering what your John Travolta-fied name would be…asking yourself, “How did I miss these hidden gems???”…guessing as to what the inventor of the Cronut could possibly come up with next…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

Why are my employees quitting? Wanna know the truth? It might be you. Check to see if you’re guilty of any of these 10 behaviors that drive employees out the door. [The Fast Track]

Is money the best way to motivate employees? Not if you know the right questions to ask, says’s Laura Gannett. She provides three questions to ask employees that will get them to rethink their approach to work.[Inc.]

Is it me or is it taking, like, hella long to make a hire these days? It’s not your imagination: The average interview process is nearly twice as long as it was five years ago. So what’s changed that’s causing the holdup? [HREOnline]

Have I thanked my employees yet today? You should: Today, March 7, is Employee Appreciation Day. Blogging4Jobs’ Andrea Devers offers some tips for recognizing and rewarding employees – today and all year long. [Blogging4Jobs]

What can I do about lazy employees? You might want to start with your own performance. According to the Motivational Manager, your behavior might be enabling their mediocre performance. Here’s how to recognize the signs. [HRCommunication]

Is it time for me to brush up on a few of my skills? Try five. The way the workforce is changing, the HR profession is becoming a lot more complicated, but, according to Forbes, learning these five competencies can help you keep up. [Forbes]

What are my former employees up to these days? Doing so could help turn departed workers into “brand ambassadors, recruiters and salespeople” for your organization. Find out how some companies are staying in touch with former staff – and reaping the benefits. [Economist]

What did we miss? Let us know what stood out to you this week in the comments below.

Mary Lorenz

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