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Three Things To Know About Hiring Millennials (That May Surprise You)

Think you’ve got your millennial hiring strategy figured out? Think again.

A recent Bentley University study on millennials in the workplace revealed some surprising details about America’s young professionals. While it has been said that millennials are lazy, feel privileged or have alternative work ethics than older professionals, there may be more to it than that.

Below are three key findings from the study, which will every recruiter and hiring manager needs to know in order to optimize your millennial hiring strategy:

A Career in Business is Out.

You may believe sectors like business will always have ready and willing young candidates; however, that may not be the case anymore. Sixty percent of students are not considering a career in business, and an additional 48 percent say they have not been encouraged to do so. In the long-run, this may result in unqualified candidates and damaged business practices.

How to solve it: If you’re trying to convince millennials to consider a career in business, showcase any professional development opportunities your company offers. In addition, if your company readily promotes or advances professionals in their careers, be sure to note these benefits in your job descriptions, on your career sites and social media platforms – and any other platform you use to source candidates.

Workplace Style Influences Performance.

Here’s a big one: The way millennials work may influence how well they perform. In fact, the study revealed that 68 percent of recruiters say it’s difficult to manage millennials due to factors, such as understanding overall processes.

In addition, 59 percent of decision-makers give young professionals a ‘C’ grade or lower when it comes to being prepared for their first jobs. The combination of the two indicates that hiring the right fit for your team is getting increasingly difficult – and the ones you do hire may not be ready for the job at hand.

How to solve it: If you’re concerned millennials’ work style will influence the team dynamic, give personality tests or behavioral assessments prior to hiring to gauge whether or not these individuals will be a good fit. Understand, too, that general practices are bound to change as younger professionals enter the workforce. A healthy balance between the old and the new will ensure your organization continues to grow.

Partnering with Colleges is the Best Way to Reach Millennials.

One of the most interesting highlights from the study revealed that 74 percent of respondents agree that businesses must partner with colleges and universities to provide business curriculum that properly prepares students for the workforce. This can solve some of the challenges mentioned above, such as lack of interest in a particular industry or failing to understand the workplace styles of young professionals.

How to solve it: Partner with career centers, attend career fairs (or participate in virtual ones), and get on campus. You can also get to know the future of your organization by having informational interviews on site. These strategies allows you to pick better fits for your organization, right from the source.

While hiring millennials may be a newfound challenge for you, understanding how they tick could help you recruit them better. Keep these findings in mind as you reevaluate your hiring strategy in 2014.

What do you think? What are some other things you need to know about hiring Millennial workers?

[author image="" ]Val Matta is the vice president of business development at CareerShift, a comprehensive job hunting and career management solution for university career centers and HR professionals that gives job seekers complete control over their search. Connect with Val and CareerShift on LinkedIn LinkedIn.[/author]



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