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Free Webinar: The Truth About the Skills Gap

Over the month of March we’ve been talking a lot about the continued growth of the skills gap in the U.S. Many hiring managers and recruiters confront the reality of the skills gap on a daily basis. In fact, more than half of employers nationwide have an open job for which they cannot find qualified candidates, and 80 percent have difficulty filling positions altogether. 

skillsgapgraphic What does this mean for you? A lot, actually. And we’re here to help you navigate this challenging hiring environment with a free webinar on the skills gap.

Join recruiting experts from CareerBuilder and EMSI as they discuss the following topics:

  • Inside the Skills Gap: What is the skills gap? Who does it affect? Where are there shortages?
  • The Blame Game: How did we get to this point? Who or what is responsible for today’s widening skills gap? What does this mean for businesses, individuals, and the economy as a whole? 
  • Strategies to Bridge the Gap: What strategies can you apply to bridge the gap at your own organization? What role do on-the-job training, competitive compensation and career preparation practices play?
  • Case Studies: How are real-life employers bridging the gap and applying the above strategies in their own organizations?

Register today to learn about the necessary changes that will lead to easier hiring, increased profit and a stronger economy overall.

  • DATE & TIME: Tuesday, April 8, 2014 at 12:00 pm CT
  • DURATION: 1 hour
  • PRESENTERS: Keith Hadley, vice president of employment branding at CareerBuilder and Rob Sentz, vice president of marketing at EMSI.

UPDATE (4/8/2014): Watch the recast of The Truth About the Skills Gap webinar

If your Tuesday was anything like mine, you might have stretched yourself a little thin at work and even with your best-laid plans to attend today’s webinar, you simply did not have enough hours in the day to get everything done. Worry not! Watch The Truth About the Skills Gap recast on-demand or flip through the presentation deck below.

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