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Why Can’t Every Weekend Be Memorial Day Weekend? And Other Questions from This Week

week at workThis week, while you were wondering what foods will poison you this week…asking yourself if it’s time to wash those jeans already (answer: no)…trying to pinpoint what’s so strange about that Ann Taylor model…or speculating about EVERY. LAST. DETAIL. of Kim and Kanye’s wedding…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

Should I rehire a former employee? Good former employees make great new employees, in Dr. John Sullivan’s opinion. “Boomerang rehires,” as he calls former, top-performing employees who come back after a few years, are second only to employee referrals in producing the best-in-quality hires. Here, he explains why. [ERE]

Why is it so hard to get along with my co-workers? Blame it on psychology and organizational politics, says HBR’s Ben Dattner. Our tendency to oversimplify and draw incorrect or incomplete conclusions make us blame our co-workers when conflicts arise, even if they’re not at fault. So what’s the right approach to resolving conflicts at work? Find out here. [HBR]

How can I get my older workers to stay? Take a cue from CVS Caremark, which (unlike many companies) is actively trying to keep older workers around. To accommodate these workers, the company offers “snowbird program,” wherein older workers from Northern states can transfer to pharmacies in warmer states like Florida. Learn more. [New York Times]

Am I a helicopter manager? If you insist on approving every…single…one…of your employees’ projects, you might be a helicopter manager. And that’s one of the worst kinds of managers there are, according to Maren Hogen. Keep reading. [Smartblog on Leadership]

What should I know about hiring seasonal workers? Summer employees require some special attention when it comes to drawing employment contracts, says Brett Snider, Esq. Make sure yours are up to date with these five must-have clauses for summer employment contracts. [Free Enterprise]

Should we let employees know how much we spend? There’s a lot of talk lately about making employees’ salaries public, but what about the company’s entire budget? Author Seth Stevenson makes the case for “open-book management,” wherein every employee has regular access to a company’s financial statements. Open-book management, some say, “empowers everyone at the organization…to be an entrepreneur.” Learn more. [Slate]

Why can’t every weekend be Memorial Day Weekend? Good question. For some companies, a three-day weekend is the norm, rather than the exception. Online web design services company Treehouse, for example, let’s employees take Fridays off year-round because, according to the CEO, productivity isn’t tied to the number of hours an employee clocks each day. Find out how it’s working for them and other companies. [Fast Company]

What did we miss? Tell us what questions you’ve been asking this week in the comments below.

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