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Is It Okay to Cry at Work? And Other Questions from This Week

week at workThis week, while you were busy wondering what flavor your divorce party cake should be…asking yourself, “What am I supposed to drink now?”…or trying to figure out how much you should donate to the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

Is It okay to cry at work? Crying at work is a little bit like eating a peanut butter Oreo – it feels good in the moment, but can lead to feelings of guilt and regret afterward, research shows. But what does research know? Find out how real female CEOs feel about crying at work. [Huffington Post]

How might one define leadership in 140 characters? “Leadership can be defined as good communication plus confidence without ego,” says Twitter founder Biz Stone, in a video interview with The Washington Post, wherein he discusses leadership lessons from “Star Trek,” among other things. [Washington Post]

Is there such a thing as good employee turnover? According to Inc.’s Suzanne Lucas, good employee turnover is when someone who isn’t a star employer leaves. It’s also one of the key pieces of data every startup should track. Learn more and find out why it matters. [Inc.]

How often should I check my email? Author Tim Ferris of The Four-Hour Workweek suggests just twice a day. But can it be done? And does it really make you more productive? Fast Company’s Laura Vanderkam recently ventured to find out. [Fast Company]

Why are manhole covers round? Who cares? If this is a question you’re using to vet potential employees, you’re wasting your time, according to author Max McKeown. Brainteaser questions, while popular with hiring managers, do little predict success, he says. It’s far more important to find out how candidates learn, as opposed to what they know. [Management Issues]

What did we miss? Tell us what questions you’ve been asking this week in the comments below.

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