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Job Seeker Spotlight: Meet Tal Vinnik

Tal Vinnik, our selection for this month's CareerBuilder Job Seeker Spotlight

Today, our Job Seeker Spotlight shines on Tal Vinnik, a young job seeker eager to expand his career. Tal recently realized that his big job search efforts weren’t adding up: Despite using social media, his personal website, and his professional documents, which included a very striking resume, he wasn’t getting closer to finding a job. Put simply, Tal had the right ingredients but needed to figure out how to mix them together.

Exposure + Brand = Results

Although he was actively searching for jobs online, Tal was missing an opportunity to use these connections and conversations to show off his impressive portfolio. Tal couldn’t move his job search forward with his fantastic resume if nobody was seeing it.

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The biggest hurdle Tal had to get over? Defining his personal brand. Working with Jill Hinrichs, a CareerBuilder career coach, Tal figured out what he wanted employers to know about him when they saw his LinkedIn profile, his resume, or received one of his business cards. After working with Jill, Tal knows his next moves and has renewed momentum in his job search. Here’s what Tal had to say about his experience:

“The biggest help was seeing (and selling) myself as a brand; I felt I had a strong resume, but once I got the rest of my materials (e.g., cover letters, website, LinkedIn) to wholly represent what I bring to the table, I gained momentum that hadn’t quite been there.”

With his resume looking stronger than ever and his newly defined personal brand on display, we know Tal’s job search won’t last long. Enjoy your time in the spotlight, Tal – you’ve earned it.

New Here? Learn More about Job Seeker Spotlight

Job Seeker Spotlight is a program that uses CareerBuilder’s Talent Development Services to highlight the efforts of individuals who are currently using CareerBuilder to find work. The program highlights those who show creativity, personality and passion in their job search — but who may need just a little bit of one-on-one support to achieve their goals.

The chosen job seeker for the month works with a certified career coach to assess his or her current resume and job search strategy. Working together in a pair of one-on-one sessions, they create an action plan designed to enhance and empower the job seeker’s approach toward his or her career journey with the tools (and confidence) to succeed.

Does Tal sound like just the candidate you need? You can find out more about him through his website

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Exposure + Brand = Results

I think

Quality + Exposure + Brand = Results


@jomynn I'm glad you brought up quality. As the saying goes, not all press is good press. However, quality is not a separate part of this equation. Quality should be infused within both exposure and brand.

For example, when broadcasting their personal brand, job seekers should ask themselves:

  • Is this the right place to get my name out?
  • How does exposing my brand in this channel, and with this message, represent my brand?
  • Is this a medium my target audience is listening?

Quality check questions for one's personal brand can be as simple as:

  • Have I actually created a brand that represents my skills and value?
  • Does my brand attract the type of employers I'm trying to reach?
Excellent point @jomynn. Thank you.

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