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Is a Vacation Really a Vacation Anymore? How Workers are Getting Away in 2014

We take a look at how many workers and employers say they're taking a vacation in 2014.As a now 10-year resident of Chicago, I’ve withstood my share of weather woes. Everyone says “summers in Chicago make the terrible winters worth it!” Today is one of those days I agree — it’s absolutely beautiful, and after the winter we just got through, it’s really hard to be indoors right now writing this.

What’s getting me through? A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I raided his parents’ old record collection — some of which hadn’t been touched in years and years. We came upon some gems, like Fleetwood Mac, Beach Boys, and The Beatles — and after dusting off Abbey Road a bit, it’s been on constant rotation since. That album feels like summer to me — and on a day like today, as I listen here, it’s bringing summer into my fluorescent-lit workspace until I can get outside and enjoy it.

Vacation, All We Ever Wanted?

You know what else is getting me through on this gorgeous Friday? The thought of vacation in another month — and though it will be hard, I’m really looking forward to disconnecting from technology as much as possible for the greater part of a week. As it turns out, 63 percent of workers and 79 percent of employers say they’re taking time off this summer to disconnect and recharge. Most are going somewhere to do it — but 11 percent are indulging in staycations — and sometimes, that’s just as satisfying.

There’s a darker side to all this, though — (dun dun dun) — some people are trying to get away, only to be pulled back into their work email, or into the temptation to tie up every loose end — and some are trying SO hard to disconnect that they’re lying to their employers about their connectivity. Take a look.

Workers Plan to Take Vacations -- But Are They Really Getting Away? Our Infographic

GET THE INFOGRAPHIC HERE. Tape it to your cubicle, make it into a paper airplane and pretend you’re really on one, passively aggressively slide it onto your boss’s desk with a sad face drawn onto it…. you know, whatever it takes to make that vacation happen (even if vacation simply means fixing yourself a margarita while sitting in a lawn chair in your office parking lot).

Speaking of vacations… “The Week at Work” series is on vacation this week — as is its writer. Dry those tears — you can catch up on last week’s news here, and Mary will be back next week with her usual wit and wisdom.

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