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Job Seeker Spotlight: Meet Tim Krejci

Job Seeker Spotlight: Meet Tim KrejciThis Independence Day, many of us will honor the men and women of the United States military who have contributed to our freedom. In keeping with that spirit, this month’s Job Seeker Spotlight shines on Timothy Krejci, a maintenance craftsman in the United States Air Force.

Since Tim’s active duty is slated to end in August, he reached out to CareerBuilder as a valuable resource to help prepare him during his job search.

Like many of his peers leaving the military and returning to the civilian workforce, Tim found it challenging to translate his experience into civilian terms that hiring managers are familiar with. Tim was confident that his work history and education would make him a desirable candidate, but frustration sank in when he appeared to be striking out with recruiters when it came to management positions.

Tim has since been working with Jill Hinrichs, a CareerBuilder career coach and resume writer, to enable him to approach the situation from the perspective of a hiring manager. As a result, he was able to revise his resume, conduct a mock interview and translate his experience and qualifications into language that hiring managers in the civilian workforce could understand.

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Finding Veterans to Hire Can Be Difficult
With this refocus, Tim has been well on his way to a successful job search. In fact, his hard work and renewed confidence has already landed him an interview, which means he’s well on his way to finding employment. [Update on July 15: We just found out that Tim landed a great gig. Congrats, Tim! Your friends at CareerBuilder are so happy for you!]

But what about the other millions of veteran job seekers out there? Although the unemployment rate among veterans has improved, it continues to remain higher than that of the general population.

Employers want to hire veterans. Veterans want to fill open positions. But veterans ready for the workforce often don’t know where to begin a civilian search and employers have difficulty identifying their transferable skills.

As a leader in talent acquisition, CareerBuilder helps job seekers of all backgrounds and industries connect with employers. We know that the vast majority of businesses share our mission to promote and hire veterans. We are proud to partner with businesses of all sizes to empower them with the tools they need to hire veteran job seekers.

Need some resources to get you started with your own veteran hiring initiatives? Start with these 9 tips to find and attract military veterans. And, while you’re at it, be sure to check out CareerBuilder’s Veterans Hiring Guide.

New Here? Learn More About Job Seeker Spotlight
Job Seeker Spotlight is a program that uses CareerBuilder’s Talent Development services to highlight the efforts of individuals who are currently using CareerBuilder to find work. The program highlights those who show creativity, personality and passion in their job search — but who may need just a little bit of one-on-one support to achieve their goals.

The chosen job seeker for the month works with a certified career coach to assess his or her current resume and job search strategy. Working together in a pair of one-on-one sessions, they create an action plan designed to enhance and empower the job seeker’s approach toward his or her career journey with the tools (and confidence) to succeed.

If your organization is interested in providing resources for veterans, or any job seeker group, learn more about how CareerBuilder Talent Development solutions can empower them to be better prepared to enter today’s workforce or grow within their current roles. Email for more information.


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