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Don’t Write Any Old Job Postings — Make Yours Stand Out

Don't Write Any Old Job Postings — Make Yours Stand OutNewsflash: You don’t have to go all Lady Gaga with your job postings to make them stand out to potential candidates. All you need are a few helpful tips to help spice yours up.

As part of CareerBuilder’s “HR Connect” monthly webinar series, Keith Hadley — practice leader, employment branding at CareerBuilder — and Renee Reid — client advocate lead at CareerBuilder — offered up tips to create job postings to help you attract and engage the candidates your company needs.

Nearly 80 percent of employers believe in the power of the job posting and that it’s a direct representation of their brand, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. TWEET THIS

Hadley explained that most candidates do NOT go directly to a company’s career site. Instead, it’s usually upon reading the job posting that a candidate makes the decision whether or not to learn about the company by visiting the career site.

Build a data-driven strategy

CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal can offer you data and insights to help you answer these five important questions before you even *think* about crafting job postings.

1. How difficult is it to recruit for your open position? This will help determine your recruiting strategy and timeframe for hiring.

2. Where is your talent located? Where should you focus your recruitment efforts?

3. What salary should you offer? Use data to make recommendations to the hiring manager on compensation.

4. Where are candidates coming from? Use insights you glean from data to focus your recruitment efforts.

5. Understand the talent landscape. Who are you competing with for candidates? Again, data can offer you insights.

Check out these 8 tips to take your job postings from boring (yawn!) to SEXY. 

Write job descriptions that compel candidates to apply

That seems like common sense, except that sometimes job postings are either too monotonous or fail to contain some essential ingredients. Take a look at your job postings, and make sure each has these five must-haves:

1. Clear qualifications or skills. Do you clearly outline what skills are mandatory to perform the job?

2. Location. Are you giving candidates a sense for where they will be expected to work, if they will expected to relocate or if there is an option to telecommute?

3. Salary. This one seems pretty straightforward. However, some companies don’t want to advertise the exact numerical figure they are willing to offer for a particular position. Instead of leaving it off entirely, consider listing one or more of the following as an alternative: salary range, bonuses, incentives or state that pay is based on experience.

4. Company information. Don’t assume that every candidate who sees your job posting is familiar with your company. Use this opportunity to briefly convey to candidates what you do, why you’re different and why they should apply.

5. Advancement opportunities. We keep hearing about how candidates aren’t just looking for a job — they want a career. Many of them seek and even expect continuous development, so give them a glimpse in your job posting of what they can expect down the road, not just when they start.

Missed the webinar, or just want a quick refresher? Listen to the full webinar here, and keep the below slides handy as you continue to improve your sourcing and screening process.

CareerBuilder’s Supply & Demand Portal can offer you the insights you need to better understand labor demand of the U.S. workforce, which will enable you to effectively guide your recruitment strategy in terms of employment brand, compensation and overall advertising placement.

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