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Top 10 Metros with the Biggest Share of Post-Recession Job Creation

careerbuilder talent factorIt’s no secret the Great Recession has changed many things: baby boomers have a larger share of jobs, consumers are more financially responsible, and now, as illustrated by new research from CareerBuilder and EMSI, certain metro areas are more competitive, thanks to a surge in post-recession job creation.

CareerBuilder and EMSI recently looked at total job growth across industries for each of the 50 most populous U.S. metros from 2010 to 2013. They then compared each metro’s expected job growth from 2010 to 2013 (based on national job growth trends) with its actual job growth to find which metros are exceeding national job growth trends.

For instance, from 2010 to 2013, total U.S. employment grew 4 percent. At this rate, it would be expected for Houston to add 142,378 jobs during this time; however, Houston actually added 250,607 jobs, giving it a share of 3.6 percent of total employment and making it the top metro area with the biggest share of post-recession job creation. Here’s the rest of the list. TWEET THIS

Top 10 Metros with the Biggest Share of Post-Recession Job Creation

MSA Total Employment in 2013 Jobs added 2010-2013 Jobs expected to be added 2010-2013 Percentage of total employment
Houston 3,030,835 250,607 142,378 3.6%
Dallas 3,370,536 221,161 130,742 2.7%
San Francisco 2,336,223 165,768 80,549 3.6%
Los Angeles 6,282,545 283,664 207,319 1.2%
Austin 929,439 84,774 29,152 6.0%
Phoenix 1,956,524 124,501 70,263 2.8%
Miami 2,540,304 134,588 83,934 2.0%
San Jose 1,040,777 90,559 46,767 4.2%
Detroit 1,932,779 125,330 89,148 1.9%
Riverside 1,432,813 76,646 42,412 2.40%

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