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How Yahoo, Facebook and Zappos Recruit Tech Talent

It’s no secret that Yahoo, Facebook and Zappos are among the most in-demand and desirable companies to work for. But like a supermodel who has trouble getting date, even these companies don’t always have it easy when it comes to attracting top tech talent.

Zappos, for instance, struggles with selling candidates on moving to Las Vegas, where the cost of living is lower and compensation isn’t as competitive as it is in Silicon Valley. Continue reading >>

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Wait, Don’t Let Your Best Employees Walk Out the Door — Try Stay Interviews

Want to attempt a feat that even Robin Thicke, Kris Humphries and Lamar Odom couldn’t pull off? Don’t let that special someone (in your organization) walk out the door and break your heart wallet. While Thicke tried — and failed miserably — to win back his wife Paula Patton, we’d suggest something other than groveling (and pathetic music): stay interviews. Continue reading >>

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1 in 2 Workers Would Keep Working Even If They Won the Lottery

As it turns out, not every worker dreams about winning the lottery and telling leadership where they can shove next month’s status reports. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 51 percent of workers say they would continue to work, even if they didn’t need the job financially.

When asked why they wouldn’t automatically ditch their jobs to hang out 24/7 at Oprah’s Maui beach house (or something to that effect), the vast majority of workers cited a fear of monotony, and nearly the same number like the sense of accomplishment working gives them. Continue reading >>

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Should We Block Social Media at Work? And Other Questions from This Week

…and other questions that came up this week.

This week, while you were busy asking “WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE COMCAST?” over and over and over again…wondering where you could satisfy your craving for cappuccino and potato chipsat the same time…or placing bets on how the Archie comic character will die…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

(Click on the questions below to read the full articles.)

How does the average American work week compare to the rest of the world’s? Continue reading >>

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Job Seeker Spotlight: Meet Ivy Barber

Job Seeker Spotlight: Meet Ivy Barber

With our society’s always-on, go-go-go mentality, do you ever take the time to stop and think: “I keep running, but where am I going and where do I want to be?” As you go about your hectic routine of hiring and retaining the best talent for your organization, remember that it’s important for you to hit the pause button and reflect on your own career path. Continue reading >>

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What Does “Having It All” Really Mean?

Can women have it all? It’s one of those age-old questions that falls somewhere between “Who killed President Kennedy?” and “Whatever happened to Kennedy, the MTV Veejay?”

Perhaps one of the reasons we’re still asking this question – and struggling to agree on an answer – is because “having it all” means different things to different people. Case in point: We recently asked some of CareerBuilder’s female leaders what the term “having it all” means to them. Continue reading >>

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Money Puzzle

6 Essential Factors for Determining Compensation

If only Jessie J were right, and we could forget about the price tag; unfortunately, when it comes to attracting quality job candidates and retaining the best employees, it often is about the money (money money).

“You can’t attract a lot of people if you’re not willing to pay market price,” says Ellen Silva, director of workforce analytics at CareerBuilder. Continue reading >>

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Job Forecast: Hiring Looks Sunny in Second Half of 2014

Nearly half of U.S. employers plan to add full-time, permanent headcount over the next six months — quite an improvement over the same period a year ago, according to CareerBuilder’s mid-year job forecast. TWEET THIS

Meanwhile, one-third of employers (33 percent) plan to hire temporary or contract workers. That number has also gone up if you compare it with 31 percent in the second half of 2013. Continue reading >>

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Mobile Awareness: Are You Missing Opportunities to Connect with Candidates?


What’s the one thing that has changed the hiring process more than any other factor? Technology. Hand-held technology, to be more specific. The increasing use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, has changed not only the way job seekers search and apply for jobs, but how they interact with companies and their expectations during the job search and hiring process. Continue reading >>

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Hospitals are facing a serious leadership gap.

As Baby Boomers Retire, Hospitals Face a Serious Leadership Gap

A painful vacuum looms as baby boom execs retire without preparing a new generation of leaders.

Every year, Ochsner Health System in New Orleans handpicks a dozen or so recent health care MBA graduates to enter its administrative residency program. The fellows spend a year rotating through different divisions in the system.

After the year is up, some participants clearly don’t fit the roles they had set out to fill. Continue reading >>

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