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Mobile recruitment: What does mobile really mean?

Mobile Recruiting: What Does Mobile REALLY Mean?

OH NO! That woman at the bus stop just checked her smartphone and was about to hit “apply” when … the bus arrived, she closed out the browser window in frustration, hopped on the bus and forgot all about that job posting she was interested in that morning.

Chances are if the website she was on had been responsive, she likely would’ve completed the transaction from her bus seat on the fly. Continue reading >>

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4 Generations of Health Care Workers: How Can Hospitals Meet Their Needs?

With four distinct generations of health care workers bringing different expectations and behaviors to their jobs, hospitals are finding creative ways to meet their needs.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: H&HN’s bimonthly “Generations in the Workplace” series focuses on the challenges of four generations of employees working side by side in the hospital. Over the course of 2013, H&HN examined their different expectations and work habits, and what it takes to maintain a spirit of good will and cooperation. Continue reading >>

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How Health Care Staffing and Education Affect Patient Outcomes

Nurse staffing and education levels both affect outcomes, according to research backed by a division of the National Institutes of Health and a European Union organization. The researchers concluded that each additional surgery patient in a nurse’s workload increased the likelihood that a patient would die within 30 days of admission by 7 percent, according to the NIH’s National Institute of Nursing Research. Continue reading >>

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Mentoring is like exercise: Put your employees on a fitness regimen.

Mentoring is Like Exercise: Keep Employees on a Career Fitness Regimen

Mentoring is kind of like exercise: It can be instrumental in our growth, requires commitment and work before we see results — and while some of us need more it than others, at the end of the day everyone can benefit from it.

Here are three simple tips to introduce or ramp up a mentoring program in your organization to keep your employees on a career fitness regimen. Continue reading >>

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1 in 3 Employers Will Hire Temporary Workers in Q2

Trends we’re a bit skeptical of: oil pulling (swishing oil in your mouth for beauty benefits) and meggings (yep, man tights). One trend we CAN get behind: temporary hiring.

That’s right — about 1 in 3 employers (33 percent) say they’ll hire temporary or contract workers over the next three months, up from 32 percent this time last year. That’s according to a recent CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,000 hiring managers and HR professionals in the U.S. Continue reading >>

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What’s an Off-Boarding Strategy? And Other Questions from This Week

This week, while you were busy wondering what it’s like to work with John Stamos… asking yourself, “What can I get for free this week?”… or going back and forth between who should win the 2014 Peeps Diorama Contest…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

What’s an off-boarding strategy, and do I need one? Continue reading >>

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Stress Awareness Month: 7 Tips to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Things that are likely to cause a decent amount of stress: sending out an innocent tweet that ends up horrifying the world, watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, and … work!

Yep, more than 8 in 10 (83 percent) of American workers said they were stressed out as a result of their jobs in a 2013 study. Continue reading >>

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Empowerment Education

Empowerment through Education: Cummins Works to Close the Skills Gap

Welcome to Empowering Employment, where we celebrate the companies that are doing their part to bridge the skills gap, create jobs and help the economy. This month, CareerBuilder is proud to recognize Cummins Inc. for its efforts to close the skills gap through its TEC: Technical Education for Communities program. In the following interview, Mary Titsworth Chandler, the corporate responsibility director of Global Strategic Projects and Planning at Cummins, discusses how TEC is making an impact on both the individuals and the communities around them. Continue reading >>

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Is formal business wear going the way of the dinosaur?

Are Office Dress Codes Going Out of Fashion?

Do the impeccably-clad Don Drapers of the world continue to dominate workplace fashion? Or have leaders like Mark Zuckerberg inspired employers everywhere to ditch formal attire by making the ultra casual jeans and hoodies an office dress code staple?

Remember the time Zuck caused a stir when he wore a black hoodie to a Facebook investor meeting? Well, can you really blame him? Continue reading >>

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Control employees on social media

What Mozilla Employees Are Teaching Us About Social Media

“Ugh, you won’t BELIEVE what my boss just did!” In addition to instead of complaining to their significant others, BFFs and pets, some employees are now turning to social media to vocalize their work-related opinions, reactions or even frustrations in the hopes that it will spark change.

You may have heard about the flurry of Twitter activity surrounding Mozilla’s new CEO, as some employees took to Twitter to voice their opinions about his 2008 decision to donate to California’s Proposition 8 ballot banning gay marriage, and even called for his resignation. Continue reading >>

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