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Eric Gilpin As President of CareerBuilder’s Staffing & Recruiting Group, Eric is responsible for developing sales teams and strategies to help clients meet their goals and to promote the staffing industry overall. In addition to people development and industry awareness, Gilpin is focused on candidate, client and internal employee experience and innovation as key growth drivers for the Staffing and Recruiting community. Eric has over eleven years of industry experience and is a frequent speaker at many of the staffing industry’s top conferences, including American Staffing Association’s Staffing World. Prior to his role as president, Eric was managing director of national accounts and led a team focused on creating customized workforce solutions for the world’s largest Staffing and Recruiting organizations. Under his leadership, the team was recognized in 2007 as a finalist for “National Accounts, Sales Team of the Year” by Selling Power Magazine. Gilpin started with CareerBuilder in 2000 as a National Account Executive focusing on Fortune 500 companies throughout the Southeast and is currently pursuing his MBA at Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business.
Best of Staffing Award Presented by CareerBuilder

Remarkable Reviews: Best of Staffing Award Highlights

Inavero’s Best of Staffing™ Award, presented by CareerBuilder, is the nation’s only award program that recognizes firms that receive remarkable reviews from their clients and talent. The staffing firms who truly provide a remarkable experience are honored on the final 2012 Best of Staffing lists (presented at the end of this post).

Inavero surveyed participating staffing firms to obtain an understanding of unique service behaviors. Continue reading >>

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Tim Sanders

Creating a Memorable and Recommendable Client Experience: An Interview with Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders Webinar - Experience MattersIt’s common knowledge that getting the customer experience right is critical to business growth. So why do so many businesses still get it wrong? I recently had the opportunity to sit down with business expert and New York Times bestselling author Tim Sanders to talk about effective customer experience and customer relationship management strategies and how these apply to the staffing and recruiting industry.

The always insightful Sanders discussed how an ever-evolving business landscape calls for change — not just within the organization, but among managers themselves. He has been instumental in teaching me strategies necessary to drive organizational change, the ways to identify when change is needed and solutions for overcoming any challenges along the way. I’m thrilled to share some additional points that made me rethink my leadership style and how I conduct business.

An Interview with Tim Sanders:

Gilpin: In your best-selling novel, Love is the Killer App: How to Win Business and Influence Friends, you teach your readers what it means to become a lovecat. How could staffing and recruiting firms benefit from practicing business the lovecat way?

Sanders: When I say that someone is a business lovecat, I mean that she is successful because she’s focused on growing relationships through giving. She creates success in other people’s lives, and they in turn bring incredible opportunities into hers. It’s a virtuous circle. Of course, this is easier said than done. For many, we believe that business is a dogeat- dog world, where few can really be trusted. For staffing and recruiting firms, the secret then is to focus on helping your end customers succeed – both at the enterprise and professional level.

If, for example, you mentor your clients on the market, the playing field and the industry, you will expand your relationship. This leads to loyalty, better information for future RFPs, forgiveness when things go wrong and a host of other business benefits.

In short, don’t just sell solutions, sell relationship driven solutions.

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Treat Job Seekers Well: One of Them May Be Your Next Client

Your Clients and Candidates: Closer than You May Realize

It might seem strange to those in the staffing industry to directly compare their candidates to their clients, as many staffing firms view the recruiting and business development functions areas as two distinct entities that don’t impact one another. Your candidates, however, are much more linked to your clients than you may realize. They are even, in many situations, one and the same: New research released in CareerBuilder and Inavero’s 2010 Opportunities in Staffing Guide reveals that 46 percent of staffing firm clients have also worked with a staffing firm as a job candidate.

If you have worked in the staffing industry for a long time, you’ve probably had the following experience: You have a great candidate (we’ll call him Joe), who is an IT professional focusing on Java. A few years ago, you placed Joe in a contract position with your client. You’ve kept in contact with Joe periodically over the years as he has accepted different positions across the country (like you do with all your great candidates).

One day, Joe e-mails you and says he’s now in the position to hire people himself and is looking for IT staffing help. I hear this story all the time, especially within the IT sector. It’s no surprise that 54 percent of IT clients surveyed in CareerBuilder and Inavero’s study said they once worked with a staffing firm as a job candidate.

What is the key factor in creating an environment that makes clients and candidates want to keep coming back to you? My suggestion is to first focus on delivering an exceptional candidate experience. If you get this right, the referrals — from both candidates and clients — will come.

The Top Five Drivers for Job Seeker Loyalty and Referrals

The 2010 Opportunities in Staffing Guide identified the top five drivers for job seeker loyalty and referrals. Excel in the following areas and you will be well on your way to creating a unique experience for your candidates that will keep your company and personal brand top of mind:
Key Drivers of Job Seeker Loyalty and Referrals
1.Deliver great service. As you can see by the chart to the left, service was the number one driver for satisfaction with job candidates when working with a staffing firm. What processes do you have in place to ensure that you are providing the best experience and differentiating your firm from your competitors? How quickly does it take you to get back to people when they contact you? What “surprises” do you build into the process to go above and beyond? Think about ways you can make working with you more memorable.

2. Connect people with the best-fit jobs. There is a misconception that job seekers are not satisfied with staffing firms unless they receive a job. Although attaining a position does drive satisfaction, it is not necessarily the first thing job seekers care about. Stay focused on the interactions candidates have with your staffing firm along the way to that placement. Candidates may very well alter their opinion of you (for better or for worse) as you work to make connections between them and your clients.

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