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As the Integration Alliance Manager at CareerBuilder, Knepp identifies and develops strategic relationships with the company’s recruiting software and HR technology partners to deliver technologies and solutions that support growth objectives. He also owns and manages the business, technical and marketing initiatives surrounding CareerBuilder’s line of technology-driven integration products. Knepp began his career with CareerBuilder nearly 10 years ago, starting in sales before then leading a small marketing intelligence team. Prior to his current role, he was an Integration Solutions Manager for CareerBuilder’s Staffing and Recruiting division. During that time he was responsible for defining technical requirements and delivering custom solution designs for customers as it related to their recruitment technology and processes. He received his bachelor’s degree in Communications from DePauw University and after eight years living in Chicago, he now currently resides and works in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Is your ATS misleading you?

Why Your ATS’s Candidate Referral Source Report May be Misleading You

You deserve a pat on the back. Your paid job board resources have done their job and delivered you thousands of qualified candidates over the last 12 months — candidates from which your company has made a ton of great hires. Everybody is feeling pretty good.

It also happens to be that time of year again: contract renewal time. As expected, you get a phone call from one of your job board sales reps. Continue reading >>

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Choosing an ATS

Evaluate and Select Your Recruiting Software in Six Easy Steps

Since the beginning of time (in software years, anyway), the general consensus has been that making a list of needs versus wants is the best way to start a new recruiting software and ATS vendor evaluation process —and I tend to agree.

1) Figure Out What You Want—and What You Need

As your vendor evaluation becomes more time intensive and as new vendors enter the picture, having a basis upon which to eliminate a poor vendor fit is critical. Continue reading >>

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avoiding failure with software investment

4 Ways to Avoid Failure in Your Recruiting Software Investment

Congratulations! Your company has finally decided on a shiny new recruiting software vendor (also referred to as an Applicant Tracking System), and you’re implementing the new software in just a couple of short weeks. High-fives all around. The financial and time investment was significant, yes, but you feel good about your purchase and you’re excited about the fantastic results you’re sure to get. Continue reading >>

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