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6 Ways to Get Your People Excited About Meetings

You try to be a good leader for your business. You created a vision for your business (or for your department) and you shared it with your people. You work on a daily basis to make sure that they have the tools and information they need to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible.

One of the tools you use in leadership is the meeting. Continue reading >>

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Support New Hires to Integrate Into Your Company Culture

The first few months for a new hire in the workplace are usually a mix of conflicting feelings. On the one hand they are excited and eager to prove themselves to their new employers, but at the same time they feel hesitant about their “fit” with the company. New hires’ learning curves are steep. They are both actively adjusting to the new culture while getting up to speed on their responsibilities. Continue reading >>

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Why Your Onboarding Should Be More Than a PowerPoint Presentation

Ninety days is the amount of time most new hires have to lay the foundation for success in their companies. And according to positive psychologists and neuroscientists, it’s also the number of days it takes to make a new habit a way of being. Because onboarding is the process of getting new employees integrated into your company culture, competent in their roles and consistently delivering the results you expect of them, your onboarding process should be more than a one-day orientation or even a week-long employee training program. Continue reading >>

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Setting company expectations

How To Communicate Expectations to New Hires

When a new hire goes rogue or fails to meet expectations, employers are often blind to their role in the failure.  Instead of asking, “Could I have better supported my employee?” they instead say, “I hated to do it, but I had to let Suzie go” or “I had to put Bill on probation.”

We erroneously have a habit of viewing underperformance or shattered expectations as the fault of one person. Continue reading >>

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Say This, Not That: 5 Ways to Give Feedback That Gets Results

Ah, the awkward conversation. Much like death and taxes, the awkward conversation is something people will do anything to avoid.

…which is perhaps why so many managers are so poor at giving feedback: rather than have a potentially uncomfortable conversation about what their employee needs to improve upon, they avoid it completely. But giving feedback is a crucial skill that every manager needs to practice (in order to get better at giving it).  Continue reading >>

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4 Mindsets of a Successful Leader

Are you trying to climb the corporate ladder while the company is working through the recession? In other words, are you aiming to be a leader?

Well, behind every great leader, at the base of every great tale of success, you will find an indispensable circle of trusted advisers, mentors and colleagues. These groups come in all forms and sizes, and can be found at every level and in nearly all spheres of both professional and personal life. Continue reading >>

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Engaged Employees

6 Don’ts to Avoid for Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a crucial part of any successful workplace.

True engagement goes beyond job satisfaction and loyalty — instead, it delves into an individual’s personal satisfaction. From a company’s perspective, true engagement ultimately contributes to the organization’s bottom line.

What makes engagement work for employees? The equation is simpler than you’d think. For workplace engagement (or happiness), a job needs to provide meaning, enjoyment, and not surprisingly, a paycheck. Continue reading >>

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Four Ways to More Effective Employee Coaching

Should companies invest in executive coaching? If a recent survey on executive coaching by AMA Enterprise, a division of the American Management Association, is any indication, the answer is no. Dig a little deeper, however, and coaching might just be worth reconsidering.

According to the AMA’s recent survey of senior managers and executives at 230 organizations nationwide, only 26 percent of respondents believe executive coaching at their organizations to be effective. And only 35 percent say coaching delivers a measurable impact more often than other business tools (e.g., on-the-job training, workshops, formal courses, etc.).

Yet these findings do not necessarily tell the whole story, according to Sandi Edwards, Senior Vice President for AMA Enterprise. She believes the results indicate not necessarily the need for better coaching within organizations, but the need for a better definition of effective coaching. “If you aren’t transparent in your organization about what you’re doing and what’s expected of it, people really can’t give a fair and honest opinion of effectiveness,” Edwards says.

For these reasons, Edwards maintains that organizations shouldn’t give up on coaching as a development tool just yet. In fact, coaching offers benefits that other types of training and development techniques simply don’t. “Training is great, but it doesn’t focus just on you, whereas with coaching, you’re doing it one-on-one. It’s very specific and targeted toward the individual.”

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Magic 8-Ball

Do Employees Want the Boss’s Job? All Signs Point to: Not Likely

Earlier this week, employees everywhere helped bosses celebrate National Boss’s Day. Some gave flowers, or left a handwritten card on their boss’s desk. Others took their bosses out to lunch at their favorite little bistro, or treated them to that pedicure their toes had been screaming for. Still others just wished their boss a heartfelt “Happy Boss’s Day.”

Right about now, bosses everywhere may still be basking in the afterglow of well-wishes, or high on endorphins from that chocolate cupcake display designed to spell out “B-O-S-S.” And they may be thinking to themselves, as they wipe cupcake crumbs off their suits, “Yep — they love me. Continue reading >>

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Choosing the Right People: 5 Lessons from Gilt Groupe’s CEO“At the end of the day, it isn’t just about a having a visionary idea or business plan. It’s about employees who bring passion and flawless execution.”

Such is how Kevin Ryan began – and set the tone for – his keynote address, Hirer’s Remorse? Why 80 Percent of Business is Choosing the Right People, at the recent Inc500/5000 Conference & Awards Ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Ryan should know a thing or two about what it takes to grow and run a business. He has launched several New York-based businesses, including Gilt Groupe (for which he is the current CEO), Business Insider, ShopWiki, 10gen/MongoDB, and, not least of all, DoubleClick, which he helped grow from a 20-person startup to a worldwide company with over 1,500 employees.

Drawing from his own experience, Ryan discussed the beliefs and practices that have fueled his success as a business leader, the foundation of which, are based on people.

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