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stress in the workplace

Stress Awareness Month: 7 Tips to Manage Stress in the Workplace

Things that are likely to cause a decent amount of stress: sending out an innocent… Continue reading >>

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Is formal business wear going the way of the dinosaur?

Are Office Dress Codes Going Out of Fashion?

Do the impeccably-clad Don Drapers of the world continue to dominate workplace fashion? Or have leaders like Mark Zuckerberg inspired employers everywhere to ditch formal attire by making the ultra casual jeans and hoodies an office dress code staple?

Remember the time Zuck caused a stir when he wore a black hoodie to a Facebook investor meeting? Well, can you really blame him? Continue reading >>

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Control employees on social media

What Mozilla Employees Are Teaching Us About Social Media

“Ugh, you won’t BELIEVE what my boss just did!” In addition to instead of complaining to their significant others, BFFs and pets, some employees are now turning to social media to vocalize their work-related opinions, reactions or even frustrations in the hopes that it will spark change.

You may have heard about the flurry of Twitter activity surrounding Mozilla’s new CEO, as some employees took to Twitter to voice their opinions about his 2008 decision to donate to California’s Proposition 8 ballot banning gay marriage, and even called for his resignation. Continue reading >>

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supercharge onboarding and new hire orientation

5 Tips To Supercharge Onboarding New Hires

Your onboarding process might be the root of your employee turnover problem. A report from the Society of Human Resource Management found half of all senior outside hires fail within 18 months, and half of all hourly employees leave within the first 120 days. Few, if any, companies can afford this level of employee turnover.
Additionally, a 2012 Allied Workforce Mobility Survey found it took a year or longer for most new employees to get up to speed in 30 percent of companies. Continue reading >>

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France bans work emails after 6.

Ooh La La! France Says No to After-Work Emails: Work-Life Balance Win?

In case you were thinking, “The French are so lucky — they have the most charming pâtisseries and outdoor cafés, not to mention world-renowned attractions like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre — be prepared to turn as green with envy as one of their green tea eclairsCompanies and workers in France just reached a deal, which is currently pending government approval, to steer clear of work-related communications and tools outside of working hours. Continue reading >>

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Business speed

Conscious Un-Company-ing: Creating a Successful Corporate Alumni Program

There may be little hope for reconciliation between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow because she belongs with Brad Pitt, but conscious uncouplings between companies and employees don’t have to last forever. Thanks to corporate alumni programs, companies such as Deloitte, IBM and KPMG are able to stay connected with former employees — often in hopes the employees will one day come back to them as “boomerang hires.”

Increasing the possibility of rehiring former employees isn’t the only benefit to creating a corporate alumni program, however. Continue reading >>

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skills gap wages

It’s 2014: Do You Know Where Your Wages Are?

As the country recovers from the Great Recession, things are looking up for the economy. Jobs are not quite so difficult to come by and markets are bouncing back. Although these conditions might seem favorable for workers who have waited years for a raise or job seekers looking for new opportunities, an alarming trend has emerged: Employers are not paying better wages. Continue reading >>

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whole foods salary transparency

Mind Over Money: Does Salary Transparency Affect Job Satisfaction?

Should you let your employees know how much you pay their co-workers?

With news that its employees’ paychecks are not kept private, Whole Foods just joined a growing list of companies that embrace greater transparency by making their employees’ salaries public. As more companies implement this practice, you might be asking yourself, “Is salary transparency a good idea?” The jury is still out as to whether the pros outweigh the cons, however. Continue reading >>

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4 Things You Must Do to Jump the Skills Gap

Companies are facing a growing problem:They can’t make the right hires. Although they’re adding jobs in response to more positive economic conditions, they cannot find skilled workers to fill those jobs. According to our survey, an incredible 52 percent of employers claim they have difficulties finding qualified candidates for their open jobs.

This may come as a surprise, considering 44 percent of recent college graduates are unemployed or underemployed. Continue reading >>

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Workplace wellness trends

5 Workplace Wellness Trends You Can Easily Implement

If you’re like me, the mere thought of popping in a Jillian Michaels DVD is much more terrifying than reading research that suggests you could die early by leading a sedentary lifestyle.

But, according to China Gorman, U.S. and Global CEO of Great Place to Work Institute, ”Grappling with extreme increases in health care costs and having to pass more and more of those costs on to employees and their families, has led to an increased emphasis on preventative care and programs that can encourage a healthier diet and lifestyle. Continue reading >>

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skills gap and training

3 Reasons Why Training Your Employees Now is Crucial

Five years after the end of the Great Recession, though the economy is rising to pre-recession health and more jobs are being added daily, we’re seeing a unique and alarming trend emerging in the job market: Employers are having trouble finding qualified people to fill their open positions.

Many factors have contributed to this skills gap. According to our research, one of the largest components is rooted in a scarcity of training opportunities for employees and candidates. Continue reading >>

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