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Employees say "I quit."

Afraid of Losing Your Best Employees? Five Ways to Win Them Back Now (Before It’s Too Late)

“Employers have to not only work on keeping and satisfying their employees, but keeping them engaged on a day-to-day basis,” says Laura DiFlorio, a regional director with HR software company Nobscot Corporation, where she specializes in best practices for retention management.

DiFlorio recently spoke with me over the phone about the challenge employers are having right now retaining top talent. Continue reading >>

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Work-Life Integration and Young Professionals

Four Ways to Foster Work-Life Integration for Young Professionals

Young professionals have let go of the unattainable goal of work-life balance. They understand that if you consider work and sleep—it’s just mathematically impossible. So they look for, and stay in, work situations where they can have time for what they care about, or what I like to call work-life integration – having each of the spheres of life, i.e., career, family, friendships, recreation, health, and so forth, honored. Continue reading >>

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Long-term career goals and vision

#HFChat: Dishing on Long-Term Career Goals

Last week, Justin (for those of you not familiar with his smiling face, he’s the one tweeting at @careerbuilder and filling my office days with near-forgotten music videos from the 1990s) and I were fortunate to be part of #HFChat with the folks who started Hire Friday on Twitter.

What is #HFChat, and why should you participate?

#HFChat, for those of you who don’t know, is a weekly chat focusing on helping job seekers through topics ranging from resumes, to cover letters, to networking — and much more. Continue reading >>

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Chicago-based employees by company

“Reach, Recruit and Retain IT Talent”: A Recap

“I know I’m a big fan of free food and flip flops, as well as hanging out with smart people.” That was how Eric Presley, CareerBuilder CTO, began a discussion about what IT employees want most in an employer. If you missed that — and so much more — on this past week’s Reach, Recruit and Retain IT Talent webinar with Eric and CareerBuilder CDO Hope Gurion, don’t worry: We’ve got you covered. Continue reading >>

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Mature worker lost in thought

Is Traditional Retirement Disappearing? How Older Workers Are Redefining Their Careers

“Hey, remember when retiring was a ‘thing’? Those were the days.” While hearing that phrase might sound odd now, the fading out of traditional retirement not be so far off the mark: Fifty-seven percent of workers ages 60 and older said in a new Harris Interactive© study they would look for a new job after retiring from their current company–a sign that these days, retirement doesn’t necessarily mean the end of someone’s career. Continue reading >>

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choosing the best job candidate

Pay Scales and Job Descriptions: Two Ways to Break the Bad Hire Blues

 It’s true that your company, no matter what other aspects you may excel and grow in, is only as good as its people. Yet, your people are only as good as your process of selecting them. As a company currently growing or preparing for future growth, how can slow down enough to reverse the cycle and improve your selection process to bring in better people–and see better business results? Continue reading >>

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The future of recruiting

Back to the Future (of Recruiting): Is Your Company Prepared for What’s Ahead?

In CareerBuilder’s recent webinar, Future of Recruiting, hosted by Beth Prunier and Chuck Loeher, area vice presidents at CareerBuilder, it became clear just how much recruitment has changed since — well, since shows like M.A.S.H. (you ‘ll just have to listen to know what I mean).

The way we consume our information is more fragmented, because we have so many places to get it.   Continue reading >>

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2011 Opportunities in Staffing

2011 Opportunities in Staffing: How to Make a Bigger Impact With Clients, Candidates and Employees


Last week, recruiters were treated to a webinar that delved into the inner workings of the staffing experience from the perspectives of the client, the job seeker, and internal staff. In Opportunities in Staffing: The Client, Job Seeker and Internal Staff Perspective, presented by Leah McKelvey, Director of Corporate Marketing for CareerBuilder and Eric Gregg, CEO of Inavero, talked about not only how job seekers and clients, but also your own employees, perceive your firm, based on the more than 14,000 respondents in the 2011 Opportunities in Staffing Guide (yep, it’s the most comprehensive study of its kind in the staffing industry). Continue reading >>

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Seasonal staff for busy holiday season

What Do Employers Predict This Season Will Bring For Holiday Hiring?


Seasonal staff for busy holiday seasonAs the carved pumpkins of Halloween were being given their final touches and trick-or-treating hosts were filling up their baskets for throngs of excited children, stores across the U.S. were already looking ahead to winter holidays — and many employers had already lined up their seasonal staff for the busy time ahead. Yes, seasonal hiring is in full swing, and though employers expect to hire at similar levels this year as last, according to a new CareerBuilder survey of more than 2,600 employers, a year’s time has brought more perks in pay, 29 percent of retailers planning to have extra hands on deck around the holidays (a moderate decline from 2010), and nearly one-third of employers planning to turn some seasonal staff into full-time, permanent members of their team.

INFOGRAPHIC: ‘Tis the Season for Holiday Hiring: What Employers Predict This Year Will Bring

Sales, customer service, technology, shipping, and administrative support are all hot areas for holiday hiring this season — let’s take a closer look at what else is happening:

Retail and hospitality outlook

As mentioned above, nearly three in ten retailers will have extra staff on hand to help this holiday season, a moderate decline from last year, and 10 percent of hospitality companies will add seasonal staff this year, the same percentage as last year. What do the similar patterns in seasonal hiring from last year to this year mean for the economy?

As Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, explained:

“Employers are keeping the status quo for holiday hiring as economic uncertainties shake consumer confidence,” said Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder. “While retail has the lion’s share of seasonal jobs, you can also find opportunities in various industries and corporate roles.”

Where is seasonal hiring happening industry-wide?

Many different types of companies are hiring for seasonal staff this year, in various functional areas where they need help the most during the holiday rush. Across all industries, popular areas for recruitment this holiday season include:

  • Customer Service – 30 percent
  • Administrative/Clerical support – 16 percent
  • Shipping/Delivery – 15 percent
  • Technology – 12 percent
  • Inventory management – 10 percent
  • Non-retail sales – 9 percent
  • Accounting/Finance – 8 percent
  • Marketing – 8 percent

Better pay is on the way

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Magic 8-Ball

Do Employees Want the Boss’s Job? All Signs Point to: Not Likely

Earlier this week, employees everywhere helped bosses celebrate National Boss’s Day. Some gave flowers, or left a handwritten card on their boss’s desk. Others took their bosses out to lunch at their favorite little bistro, or treated them to that pedicure their toes had been screaming for. Still others just wished their boss a heartfelt “Happy Boss’s Day.”

Right about now, bosses everywhere may still be basking in the afterglow of well-wishes, or high on endorphins from that chocolate cupcake display designed to spell out “B-O-S-S.” And they may be thinking to themselves, as they wipe cupcake crumbs off their suits, “Yep — they love me. Continue reading >>

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