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The No. 1 Reason Candidates Decline Job Offers Is…

They got a better one.
According to the most recent Staffing & Recruiting Pulse Survey,… Continue reading >>

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In Case You Missed It: Five Predictions for the Future of Staffing

Thanks to increasing client demands, evolving technology, global expansion and new legal requirements, the staffing industry is changing before our very eyes, according to Barry Asin, President of the Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA).

Asin delivered the keynote speech at the 2014 Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum last March, where he highlighted some of the most pressing challenges staffing executives face today. Continue reading >>

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7 (More) Real-Life Companies, 7 Ways to Recruit Top Technology Talent

There’s a well-known saying that necessity is the mother of invention (and a lesser known saying that MacGyver is the father, but we can debate that later), and that certainly seems to be true when it comes to IT hiring managers’ struggle to recruit highly skilled employees.
As a follow up to a previous post about seven companies that have come up with new and innovative ways to recruit technology talent Continue reading >>, here are seven more companies whose inventive recruiting practices are helping them attract and retain highly skilled and highly driven technology workers.

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The 10 Fastest Growing Transportation Jobs

We could say that jobs in the transportation industry are growing at a, ahem, fast and furious rate…but we won’t, because we have more respect for the late Paul Walker, the transportation industry and ourselves to make such a terrible pun.

Job growth in the transportation industry is growing quickly, however. In fact, it’s outpacing the national average, according to a new analysis from CareerBuilder and Continue reading >>

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Employers’ Top 10 Staffing Challenges by Industry

The recession may have ended nearly five years ago, but try telling that to IT, retail and financial services employers. Employers in these industries are still struggling to meet their staffing needs and get back to pre-recession levels. Three recent studies look at the state of these industries and their most pressing staffing challenges right now.

Continue reading >>

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Health Care HR Week: Examining Issues That Matter to YOU

Some people have not been having a great week. For instance, #PoorLeo trended on Twitter during the Oscars featuring memes of a depressed Leonardo DiCaprio after he came up short yet again. And then there’s John Travolta, who was blissfully unaware that he was butchering an Oscar nominee’s name in front of a billion people.

But coming up soon, some people will be having a great week — one dedicated to recognizing their contributions to the field as well as acknowledging the mountain of challenges they confront. Continue reading >>

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Can’t Find Government Workers? 4 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Times are rough for employers in the government sector looking to hire right now. Between reduced recruiting budgets and a scarcity of qualified candidates, it’s no wonder so many are struggling to fill open positions. Yet, these outside factors aren’t entirely to blame.

The truth is, many government employers may unknowingly be getting in their own way when it comes to bringing in candidates. Continue reading >>

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7 Habits of Highly Successful Recruiters

A recruiter’s job is not an easy one. Between working with both clients and candidates to set expectations, understand their needs and match the right people with the right opportunities, recruiters must be agile, resourceful, patient and – not least of all – able to work well under pressure. It’s a wonder how some recruiters have enough time in the day to meet these challenges and make it home in time to watch “Scandal.”

So how do they do it? Continue reading >>

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Biggest staffing challenges employers are facing

The Biggest Staffing Challenges Employers Are Facing

If you hear one more weather update about the billionth snowstorm or deep freeze, you’ll stab yourself in the eye, right? It’s getting old and you’re ready for the spring. (You and me both.) Similarly, when it comes to information or updates about the recession, you’re probably like “Enough already!”

But the unfortunate part is that more than half of U.S. Continue reading >>

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America’s Most Stressful Jobs: What Are They?

The next time you want to complain about your job, take it outside the doctor’s office, because health care workers, they just…they can’t right now, okay? That’s because new research indicates these workers are the most in need of some Kenny G and a bath right now.

In a nationwide survey of 3,211 workers across multiple industries, CareerBuilder asked individuals to weigh in on their stress levels and workload. Continue reading >>

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Thinking of Hiring Independent Contractors? Here’s What You Need to Know

With skilled workers hard to come by, many companies are turning to independent contract workers to supplement their hiring needs.

Hiring independent contractors can indeed be a smart business move: Contractors are often highly skilled individuals, who bring expertise and enthusiasm to the job. And because they often rely on referrals for work – and understand their reputation precedes them – they produce high quality work for those who hire them. Continue reading >>

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