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Examining health care challenges

Health Care HR Week: Examining Issues That Matter to YOU

Some people have not been having a great week. For instance, #PoorLeo trended on Twitter during the Oscars featuring memes of a depressed Leonardo DiCaprio after he came up short yet again. And then there’s John Travolta, who was blissfully unaware that he was butchering an Oscar nominee’s name in front of a billion people.

But coming up soon, some people will be having a great week — one dedicated to recognizing their contributions to the field as well as acknowledging the mountain of challenges they confront. Continue reading >>

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health care workers stress

America’s Most Stressful Jobs: What Are They?

The next time you want to complain about your job, take it outside the doctor’s office, because health care workers, they just…they can’t right now, okay? That’s because new research indicates these workers are the most in need of some Kenny G and a bath right now.

In a nationwide survey of 3,211 workers across multiple industries, CareerBuilder asked individuals to weigh in on their stress levels and workload. Continue reading >>

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health care recruiting Rx

Employment Branding: The Rx for Competitive Health Care Recruiting

Creating a cohesive employment brand – one that is separate from your consumer brand – can be a challenge for many organizations. The efforts to build an organization’s employment brand may fall secondary to other business initiatives; however, as the demand for quality health care workers increases, employers need to be more strategic than ever with their recruiting efforts. Strange as it may seem, the stronger your employment brand, the more competitive your organization will be when it comes to successfully recruiting these in-demand candidates. Continue reading >>

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Hiring Is Difficult in Detroit, But Health Care Jobs Are Heating Up

It’s no secret Detroit filed for Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection in July, but what may be lesser known is: What impact did this have on hiring?

To answer this question, let’s take a look at Supply & Demand data in Detroit relative to neighboring cities. We’ll also break down reports in EMSI Analyst to see the estimated projections in occupation growth over the next five years to determine where it would be best to hire within 50 miles of Detroit. Continue reading >>

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Health Care Hiring

Medical Industry Diagnosis: The Hottest Areas for Health Care Jobs

Like gluten-free diets, celebrity Twitter fights and the British Royal Family, the health care industry is huge right now.

As the nation’s largest private-sector industry sector, health care accounts for 13 percent of the total U.S. workforce and is expected to grow significantly over the next several years. Of course, some areas have a much larger share of health care jobs than the national average and rely heavily on this sector to fuel their economies. Continue reading >>

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Health Care Worker Shortage

The 10 Hardest-to-Fill Health Care Jobs of Tomorrow

The struggle to fill health care jobs is an ongoing battle for recruiters and hiring managers in the health care industry. Sixty percent of employers say the inability to fill health care jobs has had a negative financial impact, and 20 percent feel they lack the resources necessary to deal with the demands of an aging population shift.

In effort to shed light on the growing health care skills gap, CareerBuilder used data from Economic Modeling Specialists, Intl. Continue reading >>

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Social Media Health Care Recruitment

Making Social Media a Part of Your Health Care Recruitment Strategy

The workplace can be incredibly stressful, with workers across all industries often describing their careers or projects as “life or death”. Health care professionals, however, literally live that phrase every day. And recruiting the right people who can manage and succeed in that kind of environment day after day? That can be stressful, as well.

The ever-expanding social media landscape provides health care recruiters dynamic tools to build a thriving organization — as long as they use the right instrument for the right job. Continue reading >>

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talent statistics

Three in Five Health Care Employers Say Job Vacancies Negatively Affected Business

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 59 percent of U.S. health care employers say they have experienced negative implications from extended job vacancies, citing lower morale, higher employee turnover and even lawsuits.

When asked about specific losses, 36 percent of employers said employee morale was lower, due to an overworked staff; one in five reported that patients received less attention, 11 percent saw an increase in employee turnover; and 10 percent reported more mistakes in administration of patient care. Continue reading >>

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Hiring Nurses

Is Nursing Still a Hiring Nightmare?

The growth of health care jobs is truly astonishing. During the recent downturn, health care jobs continued growing unabashed while most other sectors were cutting back, as evident in the following graph from The Brookings Institution.

This steady job growth has led to significant hiring difficulties for employers. As economic recovery progresses, these hiring issues are only getting worse. Yet, hiring difficulties are not equally serious for every type of health care job. Continue reading >>

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heatlhcare technology

Health Care Workers Feel Technology Training Is Inadequate

While improvements in technology have succeeded in making companies more efficient, some health care workers are struggling to master the very technology that is designed to make their jobs easier and more productive.

A new study from CareerBuilder highlights the struggles some health care employees are having adapting to the changing technology at their organizations.

Why Health Care Tech Improvements Aren’t Improving Patient Care

More than 500 health care workers nationwide, 44 percent said they feel they are adequately trained when it comes to their job duties involving technology, with 14 percent of workers saying the technical part of their job is becoming too overwhelming. Continue reading >>

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