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The Two Employee Types Every Company Needs

“There are two types of employees every company needs: Visionaries and Operators,” said author and business leader Les McKeown during his keynote at the Inc500/5000 Conference last month in Washington, D.C.

“This is a highly productive, symbiotic team,” says the president and CEO of Predictable Success.  Visionaries, as the label implies, are great at coming up with ideas and starting projects. Continue reading >>

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“Telling the Truth Is a Competitive Advantage” | Leadership Lessons from the Inc500/5000 Conference

It’s already been a few weeks since the 2013 Inc500|5000 Conference in Washington, D.C., but I’m only now beginning to process the awesomeness of the event. The annual conference honors the fastest-growing businesses in America and brings together some of today’s most intelligent, interesting and charismatic thought leaders.

Because CareerBuilder is a proud sponsor of the conference, I had the pleasure of attending the event myself, and listening to several of this year’s impressive list of conference speakers. Continue reading >>

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Collaboration is Key to Employee Attraction at Customer Effective

“What we do is very team-oriented, so there’s a lot of collaboration between colleagues here,” says Michael Elliott, the chief operating officer of Customer Effective, a Greenville, S.C.-based customer relationship management consultancy. It is this collaborative work environment that has helped Customer Effective attract and retain great employees since the company was founded a decade ago. It is also part of the reason why, last month, CareerBuilder recognized Customer Effective as a 2013 Big Strides in Small Business finalist. Continue reading >>

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Impact Networking

Empowering Employees Is A Win-Win At Impact Networking

“We don’t micromanage our people. We empower them.” This is the rally cry at Impact Networking, a company that recognizes that success is dependent on the people it employs. For this reason, Impact focuses on recruiting talented, motivated and enthusiastic candidates who are passionate about building their careers, not simply earning paychecks.  It’s hardly a wonder why Impact has been recognized by the likes of the Chicago Tribune, Crain’s Business Chicago and Inc. Continue reading >>

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At Netgain, It’s All About Serving People

Last month, CareerBuilder recognized Netgain as the winner of this year’s Big Strides in Small Business Award. In the following Q&A, Scott Warzecha, founder and president of Netgain, talks hiring philosophies, serving employees before customers and what makes Netgain employees stick around for the long haul.

“We don’t fix computers, we fix people’s problems,” says Netgain President Scott Warzecha. Warzecha founded Netgain in 2000 with the goal of relieving people from the frustrations that can come with owning technology and providing them a trusted IT advisor. Continue reading >>

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And the 2013 ‘Big Strides in Small Business Award’ Goes To…

Congratulations to Netgain Technology, Inc. for winning CareerBuilder’s 2nd annual Big Strides in Small Business Award, which recognizes small businesses that are doing a particularly spectacular job of empowering employment in their local communities.

Netgain, an information technology outsourcing company based in St. Cloud, MN, was founded to provide a ‘better way’ of implementing, maintaining, and supporting technology for businesses who were not in the business of technology. Continue reading >>

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Job Ads

New Webinar Available: High Performance Job Postings

Here’s somewhat of a sobering statistic: companies spend over $9 billion each year on job postings in the U.S.; yet, the average job seeker spends less than 30 seconds reviewing a job posting.

Job advertisements provide a huge opportunity for employers to differentiate themselves from the competition and sell their opportunities to candidates; however, there’s only so much they can do with such little space –and in so little time. Continue reading >>

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Big Strides Contest Update: Increase Your Chances of Winning

We’re about a week into the running for the 2nd annual Big Strides in Small Business Award– have you entered your small business yet?

If not, don’t worry – you still have until June 21, 2013 to enter your company’s video for a chance to win a prize package worth $10,000, plus the opportunity to help 100 people in your local community with premium, one-on-one career services.  Continue reading >>

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Big Strides Award Logo

Call for Entries: The Big Strides in Small Business Award

Is your small business making big strides?

Today, CareerBuilder announces the launch of its 2nd annual Big Strides in Small Business Award – a way to recognize the small businesses that have done a particularly spectacular job of empowering employment in their local community.

How to enter:

It’s simple: Just create a short video (two to three minutes, tops) that explains what your company is doing to empower employment in your local community. Continue reading >>

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Retain Employees

Now Available: ‘Retaining Your Employees in a Competitive Market’

If your small business seems to be lacking a little body heat these days, you’re not alone: According to CareerBuilder’s recent Talent Crunch study, one third of small business employers said they experienced increased turnover in the past year.

The trend isn’t all that surprising if you take into account how employees are reporting higher levels of stress and burnout due to longer working hours. Continue reading >>

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