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1 in 2 Workers Would Keep Working Even If They Won the Lottery

As it turns out, not every worker dreams about winning the lottery and telling leadership … Continue reading >>

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Eye-Opening Truths About Employee Tenure That May Surprise You

Employee Tenure Trends That May Surprise You

Are employees staying longer or leaving faster? You may *think* you know the answer, but let’s take a look at three decades of employee tenure data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, shall we?

This post is based on information from the book “The Talent Equation,” co-written by CareerBuilder’s CEO Matt Ferguson. Find more interesting stats here.

Possibly contrary to what you *may* have thought, the average employee tenure has actually gone UP by one year over the past three decades. Continue reading >>

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Should We Block Social Media at Work? And Other Questions from This Week

…and other questions that came up this week.

This week, while you were busy asking “WHY DO YOU WANT TO LEAVE COMCAST?” over and over and over again…wondering where you could satisfy your craving for cappuccino and potato chipsat the same time…or placing bets on how the Archie comic character will die…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

(Click on the questions below to read the full articles.)

How does the average American work week compare to the rest of the world’s? Continue reading >>

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Job Forecast: Hiring Looks Sunny in Second Half of 2014

Nearly half of U.S. employers plan to add full-time, permanent headcount over the next six months — quite an improvement over the same period a year ago, according to CareerBuilder’s mid-year job forecast. TWEET THIS

Meanwhile, one-third of employers (33 percent) plan to hire temporary or contract workers. That number has also gone up if you compare it with 31 percent in the second half of 2013. Continue reading >>

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Here's what you may have missed this week at work.

Do I Really Need to Reply to Every Job Applicant? And Other Questions from This Week

…and other questions that came up this week.

This week, while you were busy asking yourself what, exactly, everybody’s turning down for…wondering what Garth Brooks has been up to lately…or hotly debating whether or not cupcakes are dead…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

Is it weird that I’ve had a job open for a month now? Continue reading >>

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Top 10 Metros with the Biggest Share of Post-Recession Job Creation

It’s no secret the Great Recession has changed many things: baby boomers have a larger share of jobs, consumers are more financially responsible, and now, as illustrated by new research from CareerBuilder and EMSI, certain metro areas are more competitive, thanks to a surge in post-recession job creation.

CareerBuilder and EMSI recently looked at total job growth across industries for each of the 50 most populous U.S. Continue reading >>

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Three takeaways from the August 2013 jobs report.

3 Talking Points from the June 2014 Jobs Report

Maybe the U.S. economy sensed the jobs report would be released around the Fourth of July and wanted to steal its thunder because this was one (surprisingly) healthy jobs report released this morning. And before you check your calendar to make sure you’re not losing your mind, yes, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics did release the June 2014 report a day earlier because of the holiday weekend. Continue reading >>

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The Top 10 Metros for Projected Temporary Job Growth

The job market for temp workers has been soaring for long enough that it’s easy to forget how badly it was hurting during the recession. The temporary help services industry, long considered an early indicator of full-time hiring trends, lost almost 750,000 jobs from 2007 to 2009 — more than any other industry in the United States and more than the next three worst-performing industries combined. Continue reading >>

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You Did WHAT?! More Employers Eliminate Candidates Based on Social Media Activity

One thing Alec BaldwinKendall Jenner and James Franco have in common — besides questionable judgment and a LOT of free time, apparently — is they’re no strangers to pushing the boundaries on social media, intentional or not. Many job candidates find themselves in a similar predicament, except instead of ending up in tabloid headlines they lose out on their shot at employment. Continue reading >>

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Is It Okay to Be Friends with My Employees? And Other Questions from This Week

This week, while you were busy asking yourself if you were too quick to judge KFC…trying to remember if you logged off of Facebook or not…wondering who will replace Jenny McCarthy on ‘The View’…or wondering why you care who will replace Jenny McCarthy on ‘The View’…here are some other questions you might have found yourself asking – from this week’s top talent management and recruitment news stories:

Are my job descriptions smart enough? Continue reading >>

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How Do the Majority of Workers Grade Their Bosses?

It’s often been said that employees don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. Research shows that “bad” bosses are among the top reasons employees quit, so it’s important for managers to have a gauge on how their employees perceive them. A new survey from CareerBuilder sheds light on this topic: According to a nationwide poll of 3,022 full-time, private sector workers, the majority of bosses are doing an above-average job. Continue reading >>

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