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A doctor using the latest technology at a hospital

Will New Tech Transform the Health Care Workplace?

Foreword by Dana Naquin, health care marketing manager, CareerBuilder:

This article brings up so many valid points about how technology is changing the health care industry for both the good and the undetermined. However, the question I was asking myself when I first read it was this: As we rely more heavily on technology,what will be the impact to direct patient care — and is the current workforce equipped to handle these changes? Continue reading >>

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The One Video You Need to See This Week: Will Sensory Tattoos Make Their Way Into the Workplace?

Now that researchers have developed a sensory tattoo that monitors athlete productivity, will one that monitors employee productivity be far behind?

Forget heart-rate monitors, athletes will soon be able to measure their physical progress by applying temporary tattoos that monitor sweat, track chemical balance and gauge physical activity.

Developed by a team at the University of California-San Diego, these tattoos seem to take the wearable gadget trend to the next level. Continue reading >>

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tech wear

The One Video You Need to See This Week: Will We All Be Wearing Our Technology Soon?

“Having technology around you, on you, inside you, 24/7 is going to become totally commonplace.” –Becky Stern, Adafruit

We’ve been wearing technology, in a sense, since the birth of the wristwatch — and we’ve seen wearable technology advance to become more and more integrated with our bodies and movements in inventions like Google Glass and Nike Fuelband, and even our smartphones. Continue reading >>

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Innovative Companies Bring Out the Hacker in Every Employee

Whether the term ‘hacker’ brings to mind images of someone stealing your credit card information or of Angelina Jolie unleashing computer viruses on the federal government, chances are the last thing you want to associate with the term is your own staff.

And yet, several companies today are doing just that, launching what have become known as ‘hack days’ at their organizations. Continue reading >>

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2010 and beyond

10 Predictions in 10 Years: How the 2020 Workplace Will Affect You

Remember in Back to the Future II, when Marty travels to 2015 and sees that future Marty has the technology to video-conference in to his office from his very own living room and it was completely awesome?  Funny how that technology is actually a reality now.  (I can only hope this means good things for the hover board…) Sadly, video-conferencing is as far as Robert Zemeckis got in predicting what the workplace of the future would look like…

Fortunately, however, workplace experts Jeanne C. Continue reading >>

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video game

Virtually Awesome: How Smart Companies Use Video Games to Recruit, Retain Employees

As a former Super Nintendo addict enthusiast, I was both excited and surprised to come across this recent Go magazine article about the growing number of companies using interactive software and video games as employee training and development tools.

Excited, of course, because it seems like a cool, fun way to engage employees (and brought back fond memories of watching Mario hop around in a Frog suit)…But also surprised by just how many companies are embracing this trend: A reported 70 percent of major domestic employers used these “serious games” to train employees in 2008, according to the Entertainment Software AssociationContinue reading >>

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Get Passive (Candidates, that is.)

Back in Q3, nearly one in four workers (24 percent) said they were fearful of layoffs at their firms, according to a survey (conducted among 2,922 hiring managers and HR professionals and 7,960 U.S. employees).

Not surprised? I’m not either. And I would venture a guess that in light of recent layoffs at many U.S. companies, the percentage has increased since this survey was conducted. Continue reading >>

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What You Don’t Know About Innovation Won’t Hurt Your Competitors

Every year, when I’m home during the holidays, I try – and fail – to explain to my mother that if she would invest just a little time in learning how to use the digital camera my sister gave her, she wouldn’t have to waste any more money on disposable cameras that, from everything I’ve seen her produce, have about a 20 percent (and I’m being generous here) success rate of producing a decent picture. Continue reading >>

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5 Reasons to Give Thanks: New Technology for Easier-Than-Ever Recruiting

I just came across a post about the future of recruiting, written back in April by Dr. John Sullivan, a management professor at San Francisco State University.  In it, he names 11 factors that will force recruiting to change dramatically.  It’s a pretty interesting list, but what I find most remarkable is that the economy is conspicuously absent from it (which is pretty telling about how dramatically the economic climate has changed in the past few months.)

After all, the many budget cuts, layoffs and staff restructurings are forcing many hiring managers to rethink their recruiting methods, leading to changes that could remain in place long after the recession is over.  Continue reading >>

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Talking Technology and Innovation Breakthroughs with CTO, Eric Presley

Eric Presley recently spent some time with CNET’s Dan Farber to discuss how innovation breakthroughs are helping users find jobs, both online and through mobile technologies. Dan and Eric also talked about’s place in the rapidly evolving recruitment marketplace. Eric explained that job seekers essentially want a service to be able to read their resume and provide back relevant jobs – and discussed in detail how has the technology to provide that service. Continue reading >>

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