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1 in 2 Workers Would Keep Working Even If They Won the Lottery

As it turns out, not every worker dreams about winning the lottery and telling leadership where they can shove next month’s status reports. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, 51 percent of workers say they would continue to work, even if they didn’t need the job financially.

When asked why they wouldn’t automatically ditch their jobs to hang out 24/7 at Oprah’s Maui beach house (or something to that effect), the vast majority of workers cited a fear of monotony, and nearly the same number like the sense of accomplishment working gives them. Continue reading >>

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More than half of employers have hired job-hoppers.

Would You Hire a Job-Hopper? More Than Half of Employers Have

Some things in life don’t carry that much of a stigma anymore. Case in point: taking selfies, dressing your pets like humans, and job hopping.

While we couldn’t validate the first two with hard data, CareerBuilder did find that more than half (55 percent) of employers surveyed said they have hired a job-hopper, and nearly 1 in 3 (32 percent) said they expect workers to job-hop. Continue reading >>

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Working Parents: An In-Depth Look at How Moms and Dads Compare

Career and family are no longer mutually exclusive. With many moms and dads serving as the sole financial providers in their households, CareerBuilder’s latest research on working parents takes a closer look at how genders compare in terms of income, career advancement and job satisfaction. While salary data indicates that female breadwinners may have a tougher time making ends meet, working moms in general tend to be happier in their jobs. Continue reading >>

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A New Look at Loyalty, Satisfaction and Retention in the Nursing Profession

While everyone knows that 15 minutes could save you 15 percent or more on car insurance, not everyone may know that today marks the beginning of National Nurses Week, a week set aside to honoring the country’s 3.5 million nursing professionals.

To kick off the week, CareerBuilder is releasing a new, comprehensive study on the state of the nursing profession. Continue reading >>

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Skilling Them Softly: How to Evaluate Candidates’ Soft Skills

Looking for candidates with soft skills? There’s one type of question you must ask.

Watch out, hard skills and technical know-how: You’ve got competition. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, the vast majority (77 percent) of employers consider soft skills just as important as hard skills when it comes to evaluating candidates for a job, and 16 percent even say they’re more important. Continue reading >>

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The 10 Fastest Growing Transportation Jobs

We could say that jobs in the transportation industry are growing at a, ahem, fast and furious rate…but we won’t, because we have more respect for the late Paul Walker, the transportation industry and ourselves to make such a terrible pun.

Job growth in the transportation industry is growing quickly, however. In fact, it’s outpacing the national average, according to a new analysis from CareerBuilder and Continue reading >>

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Employers’ Top 10 Staffing Challenges by Industry

The recession may have ended nearly five years ago, but try telling that to IT, retail and financial services employers. Employers in these industries are still struggling to meet their staffing needs and get back to pre-recession levels. Three recent studies look at the state of these industries and their most pressing staffing challenges right now.

Continue reading >>

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Companies currently hiring more college educated workers for jobs formerly held by high school grads.

Sorry, Pink Floyd — More Than 1 in 4 Want Increasingly More Educated Workers

Even if you don’t remember the rest of the Pink Floyd anthem, the lyrics “We don’t need no education!” are probably emblazoned in your brain. Turns out if you want to land a job in 2014, you DO need an education — and a pretty good one at that. Just ask the 27 percent of employers who have increased their educational requirements for job seekers over the past five years. Continue reading >>

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Let’s Play a Game of Hiring ‘Taboo:’ Best and Worst Resume Keywords

If you’ve been to a house party, chances are you’ve played the word-guessing game Taboo, where you provide verbal clues while avoiding a list of forbidden words so as not to rack up penalty points. Similarly, hiring managers have a sort of “taboo” list of resume terms to help guide them through seemingly countless stacks to find the best candidates. Continue reading >>

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Skills Gap 2014: The High Cost of Unfilled Positions

A new study looks at the financial impact of the skills gap.

What is the skills gap really costing employers? According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, employers estimate that, on average, they lose more than $14,000 for every job that stays vacant for three months or longer, and 1 in 6 companies say they lose $25,000 or more.

This is the first post in a multi-part series on The Hiring Site focused on the effects of the skills gap and what you can do to help bridge the divide.  Continue reading >>

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