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Big Data Hype

Does Big Data Live Up to Its Hype?

If there was a business world equivalent of the Billboard Hot 100 list, “big data” would be setting a record for most consecutive weeks at the top of the charts.

The term big data has been used so heavily of late that it’s quickly starting to sound like a meaningless industry buzzword; however, if ERE’s Kevin Wheeler is to be believed, big data “may change everything about what we [as recruiters] do and how we do it.” But is big data really that powerful? Continue reading >>

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Go Behind the Scenes with CareerBuilder at HR Tech

If you’re going to the 2012 HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Chicago next month…

…can I make a few small recommendations?

First, you should definitely sign up for a free product demo at CareerBuilder booth 837,where you can check out some of the cool product updates the CareerBuilder has made – all to make life easier for the HR community. Continue reading >>

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Risky Business: Are Workers’ Technology Habits a Risk for Employers?

Your company’s greatest security threat could be your own employees, a new CareerBuilder survey reveals.

While not every company has to worry about employees leaving iPhone prototypes at the local watering hole (if I had a quarter…), a new CareerBuilder survey about laptop security finds that many workers could be putting their companies at a security risk, thanks to unsecured laptops, shared passwords and opened links from unknown sources. Continue reading >>

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Big Data: An ‘Easy Button’ for Recruiting? Why It’s Not as Crazy as It Sounds

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an ‘easy button’ when it came to recruiting? A way to pinpoint exactly where the candidates you need are hiding? A litmus test to predict which candidates will be successful in your organization? A navigation device to show you where you need to focus your recruiting efforts and what message you need to send to bring in a better quantity and quality of applicants? Continue reading >>

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Bill Clinton

CareerBuilder CDO Discusses Ongoing Commitment with Clinton Global Initiative

It’s hard to believe it’s been nine months since CareerBuilder announced its commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI), which brings together leaders from all over the world to devise and implement innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges.

This week, CareerBuilder’s Chief Development Officer, Hope Gurion, will be attending CGI America in Chicago, participating in the workforce development discussions at the event, during which she will also provide updates on CareerBuilder’s commitment. Continue reading >>

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5 Seconds to the Smartest Recruiting Move You’ll Make Today

Question: If you go to your company’s career site from your mobile device, what do you see?  It’s not a trick question.

“If it’s tough to navigate for you, if you’re frustrated by the user experience, I guarantee you job seekers are feeling the same way. And that’s going to end up hurting you,” says Eric Offner, a mobile recruitment expert with CareerBuilder. Continue reading >>

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Opportunities in Staffing -- IT, Tech and Scientific Sector

What Do Job Seekers and Employees Really Think of Your IT Staffing Firm?

If you were on CareerBuilder’s recent webinar (you can still listen here) about 2011′s Opportunities in Staffing report findings, you’re already privy to many interesting details about the state of the staffing industry today; what your candidates, employees and clients think of your firm; and how you can make a bigger impact in your recruitment efforts.


If you’re in a staffing firm placing candidates in the IT, tech and scientific sector, however, you have unique challenges that may not have been specifically addressed in the main report — and also significant opportunities to grow and improve this near year — which is why we’ve broken down the key findings from this particular sector for you below. Continue reading >>

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Chicago-based employees by company

“Reach, Recruit and Retain IT Talent”: A Recap

“I know I’m a big fan of free food and flip flops, as well as hanging out with smart people.” That was how Eric Presley, CareerBuilder CTO, began a discussion about what IT employees want most in an employer. If you missed that — and so much more — on this past week’s Reach, Recruit and Retain IT Talent webinar with Eric and CareerBuilder CDO Hope Gurion, don’t worry: We’ve got you covered. Continue reading >>

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Innovative Companies Bring Out the Hacker in Every Employee

Whether the term ‘hacker’ brings to mind images of someone stealing your credit card information or of Angelina Jolie unleashing computer viruses on the federal government, chances are the last thing you want to associate with the term is your own staff.

And yet, several companies today are doing just that, launching what have become known as ‘hack days’ at their organizations. Continue reading >>

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