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7 Essential Succession Planning Questions HR Needs to Ask Now

A good succession plan is essential to your organization’s future success. Creating one, however, takes strategy, focus and knowing the right questions to ask.

“’Succession planning’ is the big industry buzzword right now,” says Brendan O’Neill, a solutions architect at CareerBuilder who works with clients to implement labor market data into their recruitment strategy. Though it may be a buzz word, succession planning is not without its merit. Continue reading >>

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How Yahoo, Facebook and Zappos Recruit Tech Talent

It’s no secret that Yahoo, Facebook and Zappos are among the most in-demand and desirable companies to work for. But like a supermodel who has trouble getting a date, even these companies don’t always have it easy when it comes to attracting top tech talent.

Zappos, for instance, struggles with selling candidates on moving to Las Vegas, where the cost of living is lower and compensation isn’t as competitive as it is in Silicon Valley. Continue reading >>

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The Four Metrics Every Staffing Firm Should Track

Of the many reasons people go into the staffing and recruiting industry, tracking metrics is rarely one of them. Despite knowing the importance of tracking metrics, however, the vast majority of staffing firms do not put this belief into practice.

For example, according to CareerBuilder’s most recent Staffing & Recruiting Pulse Survey, a mere 14 percent of staffing firms track source of candidates and candidates hired. Continue reading >>

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Recruiter Spotlight: Meet Mike Donahue of Amotec Inc.

Recruiter Spotlight: Meet Mike Donahue of Amotec Inc.

Welcome to Recruiter Spotlight, where each month CareerBuilder recognizes recruiters who set themselves apart by going above and beyond to advance the field. Meet our featured professional this month: Mike Donahue of Amotec Inc., a professional recruiting and staffing firm. His selfless attitude and always wanting to be a great team player has helped him build long-term relationships both within and outside the company. Continue reading >>

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Money Puzzle

6 Essential Factors for Determining Compensation

If only Jessie J were right, and we could forget about the price tag; unfortunately, when it comes to attracting quality job candidates and retaining the best employees, it often is about the money (money money).

“You can’t attract a lot of people if you’re not willing to pay market price,” says Ellen Silva, director of workforce analytics at CareerBuilder. Continue reading >>

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Boost your company's performance by harnessing employees' creativity.

Want to Boost Company Performance? Harness Creativity

Much of a company’s wealth lies in its people – yet the idea of harnessing this creativity is often underappreciated or ignored altogether. Many complex processes are occurring in a modern company, so much so that it is often impossible for higher-level management to understand exactly how these processes work and how they could be improved. This is why getting ideas from employees who work day to day in a specific area can be incredibly valuable. Continue reading >>

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Mobile Awareness: Are You Missing Opportunities to Connect with Candidates?


What’s the one thing that has changed the hiring process more than any other factor? Technology. Hand-held technology, to be more specific. The increasing use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablet computers, has changed not only the way job seekers search and apply for jobs, but how they interact with companies and their expectations during the job search and hiring process. Continue reading >>

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Hospitals are facing a serious leadership gap.

As Baby Boomers Retire, Hospitals Face a Serious Leadership Gap

A painful vacuum looms as baby boom execs retire without preparing a new generation of leaders.

Every year, Ochsner Health System in New Orleans handpicks a dozen or so recent health care MBA graduates to enter its administrative residency program. The fellows spend a year rotating through different divisions in the system.

After the year is up, some participants clearly don’t fit the roles they had set out to fill. Continue reading >>

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Don’t Write Any Old Job Postings — Make Yours Stand Out

Newsflash: You don’t have to go all Lady Gaga with your job postings to make them stand out to potential candidates. All you need are a few helpful tips to help spice yours up.

As part of CareerBuilder’s “HR Connect” monthly webinar series, Keith Hadley — practice leader, employment branding at CareerBuilder — and Renee Reid — client advocate lead at CareerBuilder — offered up tips to create job postings to help you attract and engage the candidates your company needs. Continue reading >>

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No Failure to Launch: 9 Rules for Implementing New Recruiting Technology

“If you don’t have a good recruiting system in place, you’re going to lose a lot of great candidates,” said John Hinojos, vice president of consulting services at HRchitect, at the recent ERE West Conference in San Diego. “Your platform is the face of your company.”

While it’s important to have a good recruiting technology in place, it’s equally as important to gain company-wide adoption. Continue reading >>

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