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It’s a testament to your employment brand when even Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson want to work there. Though their movie “The Internship” may be fiction, Google’s ability to attract top talent (in addition to the attention of Hollywood) is very real. 

Along with companies like Starbucks, Facebook, Southwest and Whole Foods, Google owes much of its success to its ability to bring in top talent - and it owes THAT to its employment brand. Continue reading >>

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Premiere of Screen Gems' "Easy A" - Arrivals

Action Required: Do’s and Don’ts for Rejecting Candidates

If there’s one thing hiring managers and HR professionals need to know about today’s candidates, it’s that they take to rejection the same way Taylor Swift does: They don’t go down quietly.

Though they may not write chart-topping pop songs about the employers who scorned them, they do take to social media to publicly vent their frustrations, putting a dent in those companies’ employer brands – and even their bottom lines. Continue reading >>

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Graduation Caps Thrown in the Air

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the Case for Corporate Alumni Programs

In a move reminiscent of Luke Perry’s epic return to ‘Beverly Hills ‘90210’ and George Clooney’s memorable homecoming on ‘ER,’ the producers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recently announced former castmate Isaiah Washington would come back to the show for an upcoming special episode.

What does this have to do with recruitment? Who cares??? We’re talking about TV now and that’s more important than anything in the world!!! Continue reading >>

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New York City

See How Squarespace Sells Its Brand to Candidates

On “The Bachelor,” it’s not unusual for a first date to consist of a helicopter ride to an exotic destination or deserted island. That’s a little over the top. But when it comes to the competitive world of recruiting, where companies and startups are vying for the best talent, some are turning on the charm and opening up their wallets (big time!) to tempt top talent to walk through the doors with grand gestures designed to sweep them off their feet. Continue reading >>

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Dear Kelly Blazek, Thanks for Teaching Us a Lesson in Employer Etiquette

Not since Justine Sacco, whose notorious tweet created a controversial firestorm, has a professional communicator’s communications landed them in hot water — and the national spotlight. But this one will hit close to home if you’re an employer, recruiter or staffing professional whose job entails interacting with job seekers in any capacity.

Kelly Blazek — the head of Cleveland Job Bank House and a 2013 International Association of Business Communicators ‘Communicator of the Year’ — is “a senior communications executive who enjoys helping others in the profession.” She has described herself as a “frequent speaker on creating a gamechanger resume [and] professional presence.”

According to a write-up in the International Association of Business Communicators, Blazek has said: “I’ve always been a passionate advocate for keeping talent in NE Ohio, and we have so much of it in the region. Continue reading >>

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Fortune’s Best Places to Work For, By the Numbers

Earlier this month, Fortune released its annual list of the 100 Best Places to Work For. What is it that makes these companies so desirable as employers? Let’s take a look at the numbers…

252,000: Employees across 257 firms who were surveyed to decide the best places to work for. Employees rated their companies on various attributes, including management’s credibility, job satisfaction and camaraderie. Continue reading >>

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Zappos' move to holacracy

Bye Bye Bosses: 5 Things to Know About Zappos’ Move to Holacracy

Quick, stop what you’re doing and imagine what your company would look like if there were no managers or job titles. Would it be total chaos or would there be an even more increased level of efficiency? Zappos is betting it’s the latter, as the company moves toward converting its entire workforce to what’s known as a holacratic model.

The online shoe and clothing shop, an independent unit of, has never been one to shy away from unconventional business techniques and is widely regarded as a corporate culture trendsetter. Continue reading >>

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health care recruiting Rx

Employment Branding: The Rx for Competitive Health Care Recruiting

Creating a cohesive employment brand – one that is separate from your consumer brand – can be a challenge for many organizations. The efforts to build an organization’s employment brand may fall secondary to other business initiatives; however, as the demand for quality health care workers increases, employers need to be more strategic than ever with their recruiting efforts. Strange as it may seem, the stronger your employment brand, the more competitive your organization will be when it comes to successfully recruiting these in-demand candidates. Continue reading >>

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3 in 5 Candidates Check Employers Out on Social Media

Sorry George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and any other celeb who for one reason or another has spoken out against the need to be on social media — but it seems to be much too valuable a resource to both employers and job seekers to check up on one another.

According to CareerBuilder’s 2013 Candidate Behavior study, the majority of candidates (62 percent) check employers on social media.  Continue reading >>

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talent statistics

2 in 3 Will Accept a LOWER Salary If You Have a Good Employer Brand

The age-old unspoken rules of dating included such gems as: “Be aloof or you’ll seem desperate” and “Nice guys always finish last.” More power to you if you met your significant other using those tactics, but no one’s interested in playing games in the world of hiring.

Case in point: 2 in 3 (68 percent) say they’d accept a lower salary if the employer created a great impression through the hiring process. Continue reading >>

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