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4 Generations of Health Care Workers: How Can Hospitals Meet Their Needs?

With four distinct generations of health care workers bringing different expectations and behaviors to their jobs, hospitals are finding creative ways to meet their needs.

ABOUT THIS SERIES: H&HN’s bimonthly “Generations in the Workplace” series focuses on the challenges of four generations of employees working side by side in the hospital. Over the course of 2013, H&HN examined their different expectations and work habits, and what it takes to maintain a spirit of good will and cooperation. Continue reading >>

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Ageism in the workplace - don't think age; think life stage.

Ageism in the Workplace: Forget About Age — Think Life Stage

Forget about what you think you know about aging. You’ve heard the adage “Age is just a number,” right? Well, if you’re an employer, it may be worthwhile to reflect on the depth of that statement for a moment. There’s so much more to a person than his or her age, but it requires a fundamental shift in thinking to look beyond just the number. Continue reading >>

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Ageism in the Workplace: What You Know About Older Workers Is Probably Wrong

The other day I was chatting with a group of friends about careers — career development, job satisfaction, work-life balance, how to change one’s career, etc. — when one of them (let’s call her Jane) said, “You’re so lucky, it’s too late for me to change jobs; no one will want me.” Jane has been working in the same field, and at the same company, for much of her adult life and feels it’s time for a change of jobs. Continue reading >>

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Chinese business man looking suprised.

Three Things To Know About Hiring Millennials (That May Surprise You)

Think you’ve got your millennial hiring strategy figured out? Think again.

A recent Bentley University study on millennials in the workplace revealed some surprising details about America’s young professionals. While it has been said that millennials are lazy, feel privileged or have alternative work ethics than older professionals, there may be more to it than that.

Below are three key findings from the study, which will every recruiter and hiring manager needs to know in order to optimize your millennial hiring strategy:

A Career in Business is Out. Continue reading >>

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visual resume

Ageism in the Workplace: On Unemployment and Getting the Job

We’ve heard countless stories from readers on The Hiring Site about their encounters with ageism in the workplace — whether they’ve observed it happening to others or experienced it themselves. I think we can all agree on one thing: It’s getting old.

This is the first post in a multi-part ageism series on The Hiring Site. In this post, we will focus on the challenges older workers face when it comes to employment and finding a job. Continue reading >>

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writer quits

Does this Catchy ‘I Quit!’ Video Hit too Close to Home?

Employees resign from their jobs in different ways. Some swear at those around them, grab a few beers and jump out of a JetBlue plane’s emergency slide. Some close down a store at the mall and post a very public notice at the entrance shaming the boss. Some even fake resign – you know, just to gain their 15 seconds of Internet notoriety. Continue reading >>

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leaving dream job

Why Are 60% of Millennials Leaving Their Dream Jobs?

Sixty percent. That’s the average percentage of Millennials who are cutting ties with what they thought were their dream jobs. In fact, many are checking out in three years or less. Whether this is due to loss of interest or unhappiness in their jobs, turnover not only costs you more money –  between $15,000 and $25,000 to replace each lost Millennial employee — it also doesn’t look good on the part of your organization. Continue reading >>

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College graduate with high hopes for the future

More than Half of Employers Plan to Hire Recent College Grads in 2013

Good news for 2013′s college grads: They’re entering a stronger job market than they would have right after the Great Recession began.

This year’s hiring is holding steady from 2012: More than half (53 percent) of U.S. employers plan to hire recent college graduates in 2013, on par with 2012′s 54 percent and up significantly from 46 percent in 2011 and 44 percent in 2010. Continue reading >>

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talent statistics

Three in Five Workers Plan to Work Post-Retirement

Retirement isn’t keeping today’s older workers from slowing down. According to a new survey from CareerBuilder, 60 percent of workers ages 60 and older said they plan to look for a new job after retiring from their current companies.

When asked how soon they think they can retire from their current jobs, 12 percent of respondents said they don’t think they’ll ever be able to retire. Continue reading >>

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For Most Workers, Life After Retirement Looks a Lot Like Life Before Retirement

Back in the day, retirement actually meant something. Not like today, where it seems more workers are playing fast and loose with the term: A new study from CareerBuilder indicates that the majority of workers plan to continue working after retirement.

According to the nationwide survey, released today, 60 percent of workers age 60 and older plan to look for a new job after retiring from their current companies, up from 57 percent last year. Continue reading >>

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