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evaluate soft skills

Skilling Them Softly: How to Evaluate Candidates’ Soft Skills

Looking for candidates with soft skills? There’s one type of question you must ask.

Watch out, hard skills and technical know-how: You’ve got competition. According to a new CareerBuilder survey, the vast majority (77 percent) of employers consider soft skills just as important as hard skills when it comes to evaluating candidates for a job, and 16 percent even say they’re more important. Continue reading >>

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Premiere of Screen Gems' "Easy A" - Arrivals

Action Required: Do’s and Don’ts for Rejecting Candidates

If there’s one thing hiring managers and HR professionals need to know about today’s candidates, it’s that they take to rejection the same way Taylor Swift does: They don’t go down quietly.

Though they may not write chart-topping pop songs about the employers who scorned them, they do take to social media to publicly vent their frustrations, putting a dent in those companies’ employer brands – and even their bottom lines. Continue reading >>

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Think These Are Red Flags? You’re Probably Overlooking Great Candidates

Are These Red Flags — Or Are You Overlooking Great Candidates?

Remember when you dated and the guy asked for separate checks or showed up an hour late to your first date? It may have been a red flag, but you gave him the benefit of the doubt and he actually turned out to be a great guy your husband. (No, just me?) Similarly, there are so-called “red flags” in the world of hiring, which are sometimes unfounded biases that cause hiring managers to overlook great candidates. Continue reading >>

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international candidate

7 Questions You’ll Want to Ask International Candidates

Hiring an international candidate comes with its own set of unique challenges. There are the work visa legal hurdles, but what’s most important is finding a candidate who is both qualified and excited for the opportunity to embark on an international adventure.

Thanks to the skills gap, the war for talent is raging — and employers, recruiters, and staffing companies are starting to consider expanding hiring borders in order to find the best people. Continue reading >>

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Outrageous interview mistakes

FAIL! You Won’t Believe These Outrageous Job Interview Mistakes

If you’ve watched one of those reality TV singing competitions like The Voice or American Idol, you’ll know that the contestants barely have a few minutes to make their mark and impress the judges with their talent if they expect to move on to the next round. Turns out job interviews are similar in that it’s a race against time to impress the hiring managers. Continue reading >>

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Best and worst colors to wear to a job interview

Orange is NOT the New Black: Best and Worst Colors to Wear in a Job Interview

Women in orange jumpsuits may have won over Netflix audiences everywhere, but wearing orange to a job interview won’t win over too many hiring managers. Voted for by 1 in 4 employers, orange topped the list for the worst color to wear to a job interview and was most closely associated with unprofessionalism.

Good old fashioned blue (23 percent) and black (15 percent) — probably the most staple, conservative colors for business attire — topped the list of colors employers want to see candidates wear during job interviews. Continue reading >>

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job interview fear

How to Put Your Candidates at Ease and Negate Interview Fears

Even though Halloween has past, fall can still feel like a spooky time of year, especially for interview candidates. According to a recent study for Everest College conducted by Harris Interactive, 92 percent of job seekers fear something about the interview process.

Scaredy cat candidates are unlikely to impress in the interview, which doesn’t mean they couldn’t actually add value to your company.

Continue reading >>

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hiring interns

Four Things Every Employer Should Know Before Hiring Interns

It may be months before April showers give way to May flowers, but right now is actually the perfect time to start thinking about your spring interns. It won’t be long before the best and brightest students start planning out their spring semester work schedules; therefore, fall is a great time for you, as an employer, to start looking for the future generation of talent ready to flood your industry. Continue reading >>

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interview best practices

Ask This, Not That: How to Avoid Asking Inappropriate Interview Questions

Recruiters and hiring managers should already know that any question that asks a candidate to reveal information about his or her national origin, citizenship, age, marital status, disabilities, arrest and conviction record, military discharges, or personal information is a violation of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

But while avoiding these subjects sounds easy enough, it’s not always glaringly obvious what questions might be construed as inappropriate – even when they seem harmless on the surface. Continue reading >>

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Shocking resume mistakes

Resume Mistakes That Will Make You Go ‘WHOA!’

Creativity is typically perceived to be a positive trait among job seekers – that is, until someone takes the liberty of submitting a music video in lieu of a resume. For those looking to choose this route, might we at least suggest you don’t use a wrecking ball as a prop – or lick a sledgehammer or tool of any kind. Continue reading >>

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