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Mobile Awareness: Are You Missing Opportunities to Connect with Candidates?

  What’s the one thing that has changed the hiring process more than any other… Continue reading >>

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Don’t Write Any Old Job Postings — Make Yours Stand Out

Newsflash: You don’t have to go all Lady Gaga with your job postings to make them stand out to potential candidates. All you need are a few helpful tips to help spice yours up.

As part of CareerBuilder’s “HR Connect” monthly webinar series, Keith Hadley — practice leader, employment branding at CareerBuilder — and Renee Reid — client advocate lead at CareerBuilder — offered up tips to create job postings to help you attract and engage the candidates your company needs. Continue reading >>

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Nearly 2 in 3 U.S. Workers Do NOT Earn Their Desired Salary

You Did WHAT?! More Employers Eliminate Candidates Based on Social Media Activity

One thing Alec BaldwinKendall Jenner and James Franco have in common — besides questionable judgment and a LOT of free time, apparently — is they’re no strangers to pushing the boundaries on social media, intentional or not. Many job candidates find themselves in a similar predicament, except instead of ending up in tabloid headlines they lose out on their shot at employment. Continue reading >>

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Mobile recruitment: Why responsive design is the way to go.

Mobile Recruitment: Why Responsive Design is a MUST For Your Career Site

It’s OK if you’re not keeping up with today’s trendiest hairstyles or the latest celebrity gym trends. But when it comes to keeping your career site competitive, you can’t afford not to sit up and pay attention.

Everybody who’s not living under a rock knows that integrating mobile recruitment into your overall recruitment strategy is an absolute must. Why? Consider that more than half of Internet usage in the U.S. Continue reading >>

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Learn How to Write More Effective Job Postings — Over Your Lunch Break

Congratulations  you’ve just written or come across your company’s 1,000th job posting and, like the Olsen twins, they’re no longer interesting and you simply can’t tell how one is any different from the other. If that sounds familiar, it may be time to spice up your job postings (and learn how to tell the Olsen twins apart) by drawing from CareerBuilder’s 20 years of research on job seeker behavior. Continue reading >>

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Trends in Video Interviews: Should You Jump on the Bandwagon?

5 Questions to See If Video Interviews Are Right For You

Selfies are proof that we, as a society, are narcissists love to see ourselves on camera. But does that also extend to more professional endeavors, such as video interviews? More importantly, is it beneficial or a hindrance to hiring managers and recruiters?

It depends.

Today about 6 in 10 companies use video interviews as part of the hiring process. TWEET THIS

Nearly 3 in 4 (74 percent) hiring managers and 3 in 5 recruiters say video interviews make their jobs easier, according to this infographic on online job interviews. Continue reading >>

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Candidate Sourcing & Screening Tips: How Can YOU Save Time and Money?

Candidate Sourcing and Screening Tips: How Can YOU Save Time and Money?

If you’ve ever wondered what the ideal candidate sourcing and screening process looks like, you’re not alone. Some of our executives have spent sleepless nights pondering and researching that very question so you don’t have to play a guessing game any more.

As part of CareerBuilder’s “HR Connect” monthly webinar series, Keith Hadley — practice leader, employment branding at CareerBuilder — and Bryan Fydryck — manager of sourcing solutions at CareerBuilder — offered up tips for candidate sourcing and screening. Continue reading >>

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From Sourcing to Screening: How to Save Time and Money

Ever wonder if there’s a more time- and cost-efficient way to source and screen candidates?

(Of course you do. Is the Pope Catholic? Is the sky blue? Does Kim love Kanye?)


Good news! There is a better way to source and screen – and a new webinar from CareerBuilder will show you how. Continue reading >>

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How to take your job posting from boring to sexy

[FREE eBOOK] 8 Tips to Take Your Job Posting From Boring to SEXY

Move over, Justin Timberlake — we’re bringing sexy back … to recruiting, that is. Wave goodbye to your run-of-the-mill drab job postings and re-train your mind to create ones that you’d actually want to read yourself incite excitement in potential candidates.

Stop thinking that job ads are the only place you can run wild and show off your company’s spunky personality. Continue reading >>

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Call for Entries: The 2014 Big Strides in Small Business Award

Are you part of a small business that’s making big strides? If so, CareerBuilder wants to hear from you.

Today marks the kickoff of CareerBuilder’s 3rd annual Big Strides in Small Business contest, which honors small businesses doing big things when it comes to workforce planning and talent development.

If you’re a small business that’s making a concerted effort to develop America’s current and future workforce, that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Continue reading >>

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2012/04/19 Lische

What’s an M(Dot)? Decoding the Language of Mobile Recruitment

Fewer and less. Impact and affect. Puff Daddy and P. Diddy. These are all terms many people commonly – but incorrectly – use in place of one another. (For example, P. Diddy = Sean Combs, 2001 to 2014; Puff Daddy = Sean Combs, always and forever. Important distinction.)

When it comes to terms that relate to mobile recruitment, the lines tend to be even blurrier (thanks in part to rapidly growing technology, which makes it hard to keep up). Continue reading >>

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