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Control employees on social media

What Mozilla Employees Are Teaching Us About Social Media

“Ugh, you won’t BELIEVE what my boss just did!” In addition to instead of complaining… Continue reading >>

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Recruitment resolutions

6 New Year’s Resolutions Every Recruiter Should Make This Year

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to resolve to begin anew – learn a different skill, take up good habits and say goodbye to bad ones, for instance. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being impossible to keep. The key to sticking with them, however, is to not take on anything too ambitious. Take the following recruitment-related resolutions – which are neither too costly nor too time-consuming – and use them to help you make big strides in your candidate sourcing efforts  in 2014. Continue reading >>

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talent statistics

3 in 5 Candidates Check Employers Out on Social Media

Sorry George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Kate Hudson and any other celeb who for one reason or another has spoken out against the need to be on social media — but it seems to be much too valuable a resource to both employers and job seekers to check up on one another.

According to CareerBuilder’s 2013 Candidate Behavior study, the majority of candidates (62 percent) check employers on social media.  Continue reading >>

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naughty or nice candidates

Checking Twice: How to Find the Best Candidates With Less Hassle

There’s no time like the holiday season to refocus your hiring efforts. While other companies are kicking back and sipping eggnog, you’ll be scooping up the best and brightest candidates for your company.

Since your competition is busy wrapping presents, now is the time to really consider your current hiring strategy. Are you wasting time in the hiring process with inefficient recruiting methods? Continue reading >>

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Human resources and CRM

Four Things HR Must Know About Big Data [VIDEO]

For their new book, The Talent Equation, co-authors Prasanna Tambe and Lorin Hitt embarked on an original, landmark study on big data and its ties to human resources. In a new video interview, Tambe and Hitt discuss the findings from the landmark study and the implications these findings have for human resources professionals worldwide.

Over the course of surveying more than 2,700 employers and analyzing 33 million résumés, Tambe and Hitt found some surprising links between employees’ education attainment, tenure and a company’s market performance – all of which could significantly impact the human resources profession in years to come. Continue reading >>

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thoughts about mobile recruitment

3 Mobile Recruitment Questions You Should Ask Yourself Now

If you’re like me, your heart beats a little faster with excitement when you hear about the latest in cool consumer technology – including gadgets such as Filip, the wearable watch-phone/geo-tracking device for kids, or Google Glass, the wearable computer.

I sat in on a mobile recruitment webinar last week where the presenters — Jessica Miller-Merrell, author of Blogging4Jobs, and Rayanne Thorn, vice president of product marketing and strategy for Technomedia — provided an overview of the greater consumer tech environment to serve as context for how reliant we all are on technology today, and mobile devices in particular, given how these gadgets are on track to outsell PCs in the very near future. Continue reading >>

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Twitter Recruiting

6 Must-Haves For Your Twitter Recruitment Strategy

Unless you’ve been living like the North Pond hermit (and if you have, you probably have no idea what twerking is, so more power to you), you’re well aware of the hype surrounding social media recruitment. But if you think that’s all social media recruitment is – hype – you might want to reconsider: Not only is social media as a recruitment strategy here to stay, it’s also quite effective.  Continue reading >>

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talent statistics

No Mobile-Optimized Site? Nearly Half of Mobile Job Seekers Will Think LESS of You

Singing loudly on public transportation, bragging about winning the lottery, throwing a pie in someone’s face – these are just a handful of things that will make people like you less. And if you’re an employer, there’s the additional burden of contending with the fact that job seekers will think less of your company if you haven’t bothered to optimize your website for mobile devices. Continue reading >>

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Good Looking Smart Nerd Man With Tablet Computer

Recruiting Mobile Application Developers? What To Know, Where To Go

Remember a few years ago when the social media explosion led to an emergence of newly created jobs geared toward creating and managing social media accounts? Thanks to the continued growth of smartphone and tablet usage among consumers, mobile application developers have become the new social media managers.

In fact, the demand for mobile application developers has increased so significantly, supply just can’t keep up. Continue reading >>

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Facebook Changes Privacy Settings: License to Snoop on Job Candidates?

What do the Kardashians, the royal family and Justin Bieber have in common, besides luxurious lives and stockpiles of money? They’d have to look up “privacy” in a dictionary to know what it means. But for others who choose to make a living outside of the limelight and wish to keep a lower profile, things just got a little trickier as Facebook changed its privacy settings to allow anyone with a pulse — and an Internet connection — to find you. Continue reading >>

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Mobile recruiting questions

Practical Tips You May Not Know About Mobile Recruiting

What are the latest trends in mobile recruiting that YOU should be paying attention to? How can you engage candidates more effectively via mobile? What specifically should you focus on when creating a mobile recruiting strategy – and what should be secondary?

Debbie Tuel, director of mobile solutions for CareerBuilder, sat down at The 2013 Mobile Recruiting Conference last month in Atlanta to answer some of your burning questions about mobile recruitment. Continue reading >>

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