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Conscious Un-Company-ing: Creating a Successful Corporate Alumni Program

There may be little hope for reconciliation between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow because she belongs with Brad Pitt, but conscious uncouplings between companies and employees don’t have to last forever. Thanks to corporate alumni programs, companies such as Deloitte, IBM and KPMG are able to stay connected with former employees — often in hopes the employees will one day come back to them as “boomerang hires.”

Increasing the possibility of rehiring former employees isn’t the only benefit to creating a corporate alumni program, however. Continue reading >>

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Graduation Caps Thrown in the Air

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the Case for Corporate Alumni Programs

In a move reminiscent of Luke Perry’s epic return to ‘Beverly Hills ‘90210’ and George Clooney’s memorable homecoming on ‘ER,’ the producers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recently announced former castmate Isaiah Washington would come back to the show for an upcoming special episode.

What does this have to do with recruitment? Who cares??? We’re talking about TV now and that’s more important than anything in the world!!! Continue reading >>

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Mobile recruitment: Why responsive design is the way to go.

4 Mistakes to Avoid in Your Mobile Employee Referral Program

So you’ve decided to take your employee referral program to the next level: mobile. Excellent decision. Though they are managed in the workplace, referrals are created through the social interactions employees have with their friends during their free time. Having a mobile referral program will enable employees even greater ability to refer quality candidates no matter where they are.

Whether it’s allowing employees to send you referrals directly from the gym or restaurant where they meet up with potential candidates, or providing them with a quick job link to post on their social networks or via email, harnessing the power of their mobile connectivity will naturally lead to more referrals coming your way. Continue reading >>

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Is your ATS misleading you?

Why Your ATS’s Candidate Referral Source Report May be Misleading You

You deserve a pat on the back. Your paid job board resources have done their job and delivered you thousands of qualified candidates over the last 12 months — candidates from which your company has made a ton of great hires. Everybody is feeling pretty good.

It also happens to be that time of year again: contract renewal time. As expected, you get a phone call from one of your job board sales reps. Continue reading >>

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4 Essential Steps to Recognize Employees in Your Referral Program

Employee recognition is a major factor in workplace activities, and employee referral programs are no exception. Acknowledging employees’ contributions to the program encourages both repeat behavior and feelings of accomplishment. Precisely because the success of your referral program is, for all intents and purposes, dependent on the participation rates of your employees, it is important to facilitate a culture of gratitude, giving credit where credit is due and sending the message that your employees’ involvement is extremely valuable. Continue reading >>

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Word of Mouth Marketing for Recruiters

Forget Social Media | Recruit Employees With Word-of-Mouth Marketing

They may love their Facebooks, their Twitters and their YouTubes, but the members of Gen Y may not be nearly as swayed by social media as you might think. New research around social media’s influence on consumer behavior  indicates that, while millennials might be “digital natives”, they are actually more influenced by word-of-mouth marketing than social media when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Continue reading >>

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Top 10 Reasons to Build a Robust Employee Referral Program

With multiple reports lately discussing how employers are having difficulty filling open positions – despite the high unemployment rate – now is the perfect time to invest in an employee referral program (ERP) – whether that entails creating one from scratch or enhancing your current one.

Referrals make up 26.7 percent of all external hires, making referrals the number one resource for them, according to the 2010 CareerXRoads Sources of Hire study. Continue reading >>

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