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7 Essential Succession Planning Questions HR Needs to Ask Now

A good succession plan is essential to your organization’s future success. Creating one, however, takes strategy, focus and knowing the right questions to ask.

“’Succession planning’ is the big industry buzzword right now,” says Brendan O’Neill, a solutions architect at CareerBuilder who works with clients to implement labor market data into their recruitment strategy. Though it may be a buzz word, succession planning is not without its merit. Continue reading >>

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Nearly 2 in 3 U.S. Workers Do NOT Earn Their Desired Salary

Nearly 3 in 5 Employers Do NOT Have a Talent Pipeline

The majority of employers (58 percent) do not have a talent pipeline, according to the Talent Equation. This could mean letting good candidates slip through the cracks, not to mention extended time to hire.

Relationship building is a key ingredient of recruiting, so consider taking a proactive approach by creating a strategy that not only attracts candidates to your organization, but also keeps them engaged in opportunities with your organization. Continue reading >>

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Graduation Caps Thrown in the Air

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and the Case for Corporate Alumni Programs

In a move reminiscent of Luke Perry’s epic return to ‘Beverly Hills ‘90210’ and George Clooney’s memorable homecoming on ‘ER,’ the producers of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ recently announced former castmate Isaiah Washington would come back to the show for an upcoming special episode.

What does this have to do with recruitment? Who cares??? We’re talking about TV now and that’s more important than anything in the world!!! Continue reading >>

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4 mistakes

Can’t Find Government Workers? 4 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Times are rough for employers in the government sector looking to hire right now. Between reduced recruiting budgets and a scarcity of qualified candidates, it’s no wonder so many are struggling to fill open positions. Yet, these outside factors aren’t entirely to blame.

The truth is, many government employers may unknowingly be getting in their own way when it comes to bringing in candidates. Continue reading >>

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What ’80s Films Teach Us About Finding the Perfect Candidate

If you’re anything like me a friend of mine, you probably consider ’80s teen movies the source of some of life’s most valuable, eye-opening lessons: how looks aren’t the most important thing in life, that popular people have problems, too, and the healing power of Peter Gabriel and boombox…just to name a few.

The lessons of ’80s movies extend far beyond love and relationships, however. Continue reading >>

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Recruitment resolutions

6 New Year’s Resolutions Every Recruiter Should Make This Year

The start of a New Year is the perfect time to resolve to begin anew – learn a different skill, take up good habits and say goodbye to bad ones, for instance. Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are notorious for being impossible to keep. The key to sticking with them, however, is to not take on anything too ambitious. Take the following recruitment-related resolutions – which are neither too costly nor too time-consuming – and use them to help you make big strides in your candidate sourcing efforts  in 2014. Continue reading >>

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Where to recruit for today's top 3 business jobs

Where Should You Recruit for Today’s Top 3 Business Jobs?

Data that points to the best states in which to find top business jobs may tell a different story when it comes to recruiting. According to U.S. News & World Report, the top three business jobs right now are market research analyst, financial adviser and accountant. The best jobs are defined according to a number of factors, including the growth of the job category, salary, job prospects, and quality of life on the job.

Continue reading >>

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Three ways to tell whether your talent community is strong, effective and scalable.

Three Signs You’ve Built a Talent Community That Rocks

A talent community is another one of those explosive social media/talent management cocktails that are supposed to set the HR world alight. They haven’t quite done that yet – and it’s not to say they won’t – but for the moment talent communities are still in their embryonic stages and finding their feet and true home in the talent management process. Continue reading >>

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Five Ways to Attract Veterans Through Your Job Posting Descriptions

How can you use military intelligence to write better job descriptions — and more successfully recruit veterans seeking a civilian job at your company?

While at SHRM 2012, I had the chance to sit in on a session led by veteran recruiting expert Lisa Rosser, a recently retired Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserves, called “Marketing to Attract the Military Applicant.” With 22 years of active/reserve military service under her belt, as well as a Masters in Human Resource Management and a former career as an HR business consultant for a global Fortune 500 consulting firm, Rosser has a lot of firsthand knowledge about veterans and the challenges they face. Continue reading >>

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Four Characteristics of Effective Talent Networks

Have you ever received an application and thought to yourself, “Right candidate, wrong position” – whether it was because the applicant was missing just one crucial skill set, you’d just filled the position or due to some other outlying circumstances.

Or perhaps you’ve met someone at a job fair, conference or networking event who made you think, “This person would be a great fit at my company. Continue reading >>

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