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The Real Story Behind Today’s Biggest Recruiting Myths

Surprise? Six of Today's Biggest Recruiting MythsIs your organization ready to compete in this new era of talent management, or are you being held back by outdated or erroneous beliefs about what it takes to hire the right people? 

CareerBuilder recently partnered with the Human Capital Institute to uncover common misconceptions around both job seeker behavior and the ways in which employers attract and hire top performers, based on a 44-item survey of 358 HR professionals nationwide and follow-up interviews.

In this report, we take on six of today’s most widely held recruiting myths — and reveal what top employers are really doing to achieve optimal hiring results.

6 of the biggest recruiting myths

Myth No. 1: Big data is just a buzzword. It has no value to us in HR.

The reality: Big data lets you see trends and analyze characteristics of your most successful employees, so you can understand what drives performance and make more objective, fact-based recruiting and hiring decisions. Find out more

Myth No. 2: Unemployment is high, so I can get away with offering lower compensation.

The reality: If everyone refuses to pay market prices because they don’t want to hurt their financial standing, everyone will suffer. Fifty-six percent of employers say the main reason candidates turn down offers is because compensation isn’t competitive – and many employers, realizing the value of paying employees what they are worth, are also planning to offer higher salaries in 2013.  Find out more

Myth No. 3: Job boards are dead.

The reality: Though there may be buzz around new sources of hire, a quarter of new hires made in 2012 came from job boards, and job boards remained the source that most frequently resulted in hiring manager satisfaction. With 67 percent of candidates searching job boards (according to the 2012 Candidate Behavior Study), companies that neglect this platform as a way to advertise could be missing out on a great majority of qualified talent. Find out more

Myth No. 4: Social media doesn’t provide any value for HR.

The reality: More than half (54 percent) of all job seekers look at a company’s social media presence before they even decide to apply for a job, a 2012 CareerBuilder/Inavero study found. Companies without a social recruiting strategy are likely missing a huge opportunity to connect with a large percentage of top talent. Find out more

Myth No. 5: Employers don’t need a mobile strategy.

The reality: Does your site take more than 5 seconds to load? If so, you could be in trouble: 40 percent of job candidates abandon the search process when told they are leaving a mobile-optimized site to enter a non-mobile optimized site, and 6 million people searched for jobs via mobile devices in January 2013  ̶  up from 2.3 million
in March 2012. The fact is, employers who don’t start thinking about their mobile recruiting strategy — and doing something about it — are going to get left behind. Find out more

Myth No. 6: Employment branding is a nice-to-have, not a need-to-have.

The reality: Though 37 percent of our respondents said they didn’t have an employment branding strategy, those companies with a holistic brand are two times more likely to say their recruiting staff doesn’t wait for a requisition to come in, but instead constantly sources and builds their pipeline of talent. They’re also more likely to allocate their resources based on where high-quality candidates are looking for jobs. Find out more

Get the real story behind six of today’s biggest recruiting myths with our report, Common Recruiting Myths and Misconceptions Debunked, and get advice on how to best optimize your own recruiting strategies amid a rapidly changing talent landscape:

Jamie Womack

About Jamie Womack

As Vice President of Corporate Marketing and Branding, Womack directs the development of strategic marketing for the corporate marketing team and focuses on the recruitment needs of employers of all sizes. This includes overseeing business-to-business strategy including communications, advertising, promotions, events, and customer lifecycle and loyalty. In addition to leading corporate marketing efforts, Womack manages the sales training program at CareerBuilder. She works closely with her team of trainers to clearly communicate sales strategies, tactics, product developments and overall company goals to CareerBuilder’s sales force. Womack has been with the CareerBuilder organization for seven years. Prior to her role as vice president of marketing, Womack worked as a vice president in the sales training department and as a marketing team director. Before joining CareerBuilder, Womack worked in the real estate and mortgage industry. She has a bachelor’s degree from Florida State University and is pursuing her masters of business administration from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.


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