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7 in 10 Salary Offers Disappoint Job Candidates

talent statisticsAccording to the 2013 Staffing & Recruiting Pulse Survey, 71 percent of staffing firms say job candidates’ salary expectations exceed the employers’ offers, and only 25 percent say job candidates’ salary expectations are in alignment with employers’ offers. It’s probably not a coincidence, then, that disappointing salary offers are the top reason candidates reject job offers.

Though some of the blame for this misunderstanding falls on job candidates (who may overestimate their worth), employers hold some responsibility for low-balling candidates (whether consciously or not). Employers also have a responsibility to do the proper research on their end to find going compensation rates.

The ability to offer competitive compensation is crucial to getting candidates to say “yes” to your job offers. Solutions such as CareerBuilder’s Compensation Portal can help employers determine the right salary offer. The Compensation Portal offers the most up-to-date, reliable compensation data available – down to candidates’ experience level, location and industry – to ensure employers are getting the right employees for the right price.

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